Adept's Caerleon Crest

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Adept's Caerleon Crest

An Adept's Caerleon Crest is a token and it's the tier 4 crest of the Caerleon Crest which is one out of the ten types of crests currently existing in Albion. There are four other tiers of Caerleon Crests.

The Adept's Caerleon Crest is an ingredient in recipes for Adept's Caerleon Capes. (There are four other tiers of Caerleon Capes in Albion)

Adept's Caerleon Crest is one of the ingredients for:

Adept's Caerleon Crest can be bought from Caerleon using 400 Faction Points if the player has at least Neutral level of Faction Standing.

Additional Tiers of Caerleon Crests

Additional tiers: