Adept's Greataxe

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General Information

The Adept's Greataxe is a Tier 4 Axe which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place.

There are two options for the Q spell slot: Rending Strike (?) and Rending Swing (?)

There are three options for the W spell slot: Deadly Chop (?), Adrenaline Boost (?), and Battle Rush (?)

There is one option for the E spell slot: Whirlwind (?)

There are three options for the passive slot: Deep Cuts (?), Life Leech (?), and Increased Defence (?)

The Adept's Greataxe may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Adept's Greataxe Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Adept's Greataxe, players will need the following materials:

Tier Item Name Quantity
4.0 Steel Bar 20
Pine Planks 12
4.1 Uncommon Steel Bar 20
Uncommon Pine Planks 12
4.2 Rare Steel Bar 20
Rare Pine Planks 12
4.3 Exceptional Steel Bar 20
Exceptional Pine Planks 12


Under Construction

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