Adept's Riding Horse

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Adept's Riding Horse

Lean and agile, Albion horses can carry their riders quickly across the continent, but have little strength to bear heavy items.
23.6 kg
Item value

Adept's Riding Horse

The Adept's Riding Horse is a Tier 4 mount.

  • The Adept's Riding Horse does not have unique abilities
  • The Adept's Riding Horse Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee
  • The Adept's Riding Horse may be crafted at a Saddler with (1) Adept's Horse and (20) Worked Leather
  • The Adept's Riding Horse may have different item quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece


Adept's Riding Horse
Item Quality Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Max Load
Normal 4.0 700 752 65% 105% 94kg
Good 4.0 710 752 65% 105% 97kg
Outstanding 4.0 720 752 65% 105% 100kg
Excellent 4.0 750 752 65% 105% 108kg
Masterpiece 4.0 800 752 65% 105% 122kg


Adepts Riding Horse.png

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