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[[Plants]] •  [[Herbs]]  •  [[Animals]]  •  [[Livestock]]
[[Crops]] •  [[Herbs]]  •  [[Animals]]  •  [[Livestock]]
'''Player Buildings & Islands'''
'''Player Buildings & Islands'''
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[[Capes]]  •  [[Bag]]
[[Cape]]  •  [[Bag]]
[[Cooked Food]]  •  [[Potions]]  •  [[Fish]]  •  [[Tomes of Insight|Tomes of Insight]]  •  [[Gold]]  •  [[Silver]]
[[Cooked Food]]  •  [[Potions]]  •  [[Fish]]  •  [[Tome of Insight]]  •  [[Gold]]  •  [[Silver]]
[[Mounts]]  •  [[Mount Skins]]
'''Crafting Materials'''
'''Crafting Materials'''
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'''GVG Seasons'''
'''GVG Seasons'''
[[Season 1]]  •  [[Season 2]]  •  [[Season 3]]  •  [[Season 4]]  •  [[Season 5]]  •  [[Season 6]]  •  [[Season 7]]  •  [[Season 8]]  •  [[Season 9]] • [[GvG Season 10|Season 10]] • [[GvG Season 11|Season 11]] • [[GvG Season 12|Season 12]]}}
[[Season 1]]  •  [[Season 2]]  •  [[Season 3]]  •  [[Season 4]]  •  [[Season 5]]  •  [[Season 6]]  •  [[Season 7]]  •  [[GvG Season 8|Season 8]]  •  [[Season 9]] • [[GvG Season 10|Season 10]] • [[GvG Season 11|Season 11]] • [[GvG Season 12|Season 12]] • [[GvG Season 13|Season 13]] • [[GvG Season 14|Season 14]] • [[GvG Season 15|Season 15]] • [[GvG Season 16|Season 16]] • [[GvG Season 17|Season 17]]}}
{{Main Page/Cell|Title=Wiki community|Content=We are currently maintaining [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages ({{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles)]]!<br>
{{Main Page/Cell|Title=Wiki community|Content=We are currently maintaining [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages ({{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles)]]!<br>

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Current release: Beyond the Veil

On November 20, 2022, the Beyond the Veil update went live! This huge update expands the realms of Albion, introducing a new region called the Mists, a new city, new mobs, and new Artifact Armor. Additionally, the Roads of Avalon are significantly reworked, making them more competitive for smaller guilds while still offering large-group content. And a new resource enchantment – Pristine – brings extremely rare and valuable treasures for high-level players. With all this and more, Beyond the Veil expands Albion’s possibilities for every player type. For additional details, see https://albiononline.com/en/news/beyond-the-veil-coming

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