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Current release: Lands Awakened

On November 24, 2021, introduced the eleventh major update, Lands Awakened! This update brings a new era of open-world gameplay to Albion with reworked dungeons, mobs, and treasure sites, new open-world PvP objectives for groups of all sizes, hugely improved visuals and layouts for all five biomes, War Gloves, reworked Guild Seasons, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and much more.

Reinvigorating Albion's Open World

Lands Awakened brings a completely overhauled open-world experience, including massively improved visuals and layouts in all five biomes, mobs that become stronger and more rewarding over time, reworked static dungeons, and treasure sites that spawn randomly throughout the world. Whether you're a brand-new player or a seasoned veteran, Albion's lands are home to countless new opportunities awaiting discovery.

New Weapons, Elite Levels, Faster Fame

The all-new War Gloves offer thrilling brawler-style combat for small-, medium-, and large-scale fights, along with numerous options for PvE. Elite Levels add twenty additional mastery levels to each weapon and armor piece, with corresponding medals to let you show off your accomplishments. And the amount of Fame granted for nearly all activities has been boosted significantly, shortening the time needed to unlock new skills and rewarding perseverant players.

Reworked Guild Seasons

Power Cores and Energy Crystals introduce open-world capture-the-flag gameplay with huge rewards. Headquarters Hideouts offer protected bases for dedicated guilds. And the Conqueror's Challenge allows all players to earn Might and Favor for a wide range of activities, unlocking rewards for themselves and their guilds. Overall, Lands Awakened shifts the focus of Guild Seasons from passive territory control to active personal progress, offering dedicated players and guilds a chance at massive rewards.

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