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Current release: Queen

Queen is Albion Online's 8th major content update released on January 20, 2020. This update, the largest since the game's launch in 2017, brings a complete rework of the Outlands continent, giving players of all types and levels a chance to compete and thrive in Albion's high-level zones. Hideouts allow guilds to live and thrive in the Outlands by choosing their own place to live in the open world, and open-world territory battles, in conjunction with the new Crystal League, allow guild members of all levels to contribute to territory ownership and season rankings.

The Queen update also introduces a new faction to the game: the ancient Avalonians, who have emerged from seclusion to reclaim the lands of Albion. Players can face off against the Avalonians in new Elite Randomized Dungeons, which are found throughout the Outlands and offer the game's highest-level PvE content to date. In addition to powerful week-long Fame buffs, these dungeons offer a chance to obtain powerful Avalonian Shards, which can be crafted into the game's most powerful Artifact Armor. Alongside these new features, the Queen update brings new wardrobe skins, enchanted stone, a tremendous number of quality-of-life improvements including new cursors, player inspect hotkeys, streamlined and updated maps, and much, much more.

For veteran and new players alike, the Queen update brings Albion Online to the next level of open-world sandbox gaming and offers countless new opportunities for players to claim their own piece of Albion.

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