Animal Skinner

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General Information

  • Starting at Tier 4, each Destiny Board node unlocked will increase the item power for all Animal Skinner gathering gear by 0.2 and the item power of the same tier by 1.5, the gathering yield of the same tier resource by 0.5% and the harvesting speed of the same tier resource by 0.5%.

Destiny Board Nodes

Destiny Board Node Node Fame Requirement Total Fame Requirement Unlocks Unlocks resource
Trainee Gatherer 240 240   Novice's Skinning Knife   Scraps of Hide
  Rugged Hide
Journeyman Animal Skinner 2,250 2,490   Journeyman's Skinning Knife   Medium Hide
Adept Animal Skinner 30,000 32,490   Adept's Skinning Knife

  Adept's Skinner Cap

  Adept's Skinner Garb

  Adept's Skinner Workboots

  Adept's Skinner Backpack

  Heavy Hide
  Uncommon Medium Hide
  Rare Medium Hide
  Exceptional Medium Hide
Expert Animal Skinner 140,000 172,490   Expert's Skinning Knife

  Expert's Skinner Cap

  Expert's Skinner Garb

  Expert's Skinner Workboots

  Expert's Skinner Backpack

  Robust Hide
  Uncommon Heavy Hide
  Rare Heavy Hide
  Exceptional Heavy Hide
Master Animal Skinner 513,333 685,823   Master's Skinning Knife

  Master's Skinner Cap

  Master's Skinner Garb

  Master's Skinner Workboots

  Master's Skinner Backpack

  Thick Hide
  Uncommon Robust Hide
  Rare Robust Hide
  Exceptional Robust Hide
Grandmaster Animal Skinner 1,000,000 1,685,823   Grandmaster's Skinning Knife

  Grandmaster's Skinner Cap

  Grandmaster's Skinner Garb

  Grandmaster's Skinner Workboots

  Grandmaster's Skinner Backpack

  Resilient Hide
  Uncommon Thick Hide
  Rare Thick Hide
  Exceptional Thick Hide
Elder Animal Skinner 1,166,667 2,852,490   Elder's Skinning Knife

  Elder's Skinner Cap

  Elder's Skinner Garb

  Elder's Skinner Workboots

  Elder's Skinner Backpack

  Uncommon Resilient Hide
  Rare Resilient Hide
  Exceptional Resilient Hide