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The Arena is an instanced PvP matchmaker, where two teams of 5 players fight in a non-full-loot environment for victory.

To enter the Arena, a player should select "Activities" from the top right menu and then Arena. Alternatively, a player may visit Arena Master Joan. They will then be presented with the option to join Solo or as a group for the 5 versus 5 Arena Battle. Players must wear gear that has an average of 700 Item Power between the pieces. Within the arena, all gear is "soft-capped" at 800 item power, and maxes out at 900 item power. Players may join the arena queue as either healers or DPS. All arena fights require at least 1 healer on both teams. DPS may run any non-healing weapon with any type of armor, so long as it meets the average item power requirement.

Arena Mechanics and Ruleset

  • Each team starts with 150 points. Teams can only lose points, but not gain points.
  • The first team to reach 0 loses.
  • There is a base tent for both teams and players are immune to damage and CC in the tent. They will also regenerate a small amount of health and energy.
  • Enemies who are near the opposing team's base tent will receive damage
  • There are 3 capture zones (circles with a center stone) in the map, which can be captured by standing inside the circle.
  • If captured, the enemy team loses 10 points.
  • If a player dies, one point is deducted from their team's score.
  • Once all zones have been captured, there is a 30-second delay until they unlock again.

Arena Rewards

Winning Arena matches will give you three Arena Sigils, three Journeyman's Tomes of Insight and three Journeyman's Bags of Silver.

Arena Sigils can be turned in for rewards at the Arena Master in each city.