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Armor composes the majority of equipment slots in Albion Online.

The armor of Albion Online is primarily divided by weight type:

  • Light armors optimize damage output, but leave the player more fragile
  • Medium armors balance offense and defense
  • Heavy armors provide optimum defense but lower offense

In addition, armors are also one of three material types: Plate, Leather, or Cloth. The player may be fooled early in the game into mistaking weight as correlated to material, as the initial armors available are Heavy Plate, Medium Leather, and Light Cloth. This is not the case: Plate, Leather, and Cloth armors are all available in Heavy, Medium, and Light forms for a total of nine armor types.

In general, armor weight is a more pronounced distinction and more important decision in building a character than material type, especially as it is the earliest Destiny Board selection.

Light Armor - To be added 3/30/17

Medium Armor - To be added 3/30/17

Heavy Armor - To be added 3/30/17

Unlocking armor

Players unlock new armors by defeating enemies while wearing specific, earlier armors. Thus, to unlock Heavy armors, the player must fight while wearing earlier Heavy armors.

The player's first decision in developing armor via the Destiny Board is to choose weight type, which will eventually unlock Plate, Leather, and Cloth versions of that weight type. For instance, developing Journeyman Light Armor Fighter will eventually lead to Light Cloth Armor Fighter, Light Plate Armor Fighter, and finally Light Leather Armor Fighter.