Ashenbark Logs

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Ashenbark Logs

Ashenbark Logs
Variants: Ashenbark Logs is a tier 7 Resource. It can be refined or transmuted at an Grandmaster or higher tier Lumbermill.

It can be gathered from trees in tier VI-VIII maps with a   Master's Axe (requires Master Lumberjack unlocked in the Destiny Board, or   Grandmaster's Axe for enchanted varieties).

Ashenbark Logs is the main resource in Forest biomes, the secondary resource in Swamp biome, and the tertiary resource in Highlands biome.

Gathering Ashenbark Logs counts toward unlocking:

Gathering Ashenbark Logs counts toward leveling:

Travel Cost Modifier x32
Travel Cost Modifier 1.7kg
Transmuted from   Bloodoak Logs
Transmuted into   Whitewood Logs   Uncommon Ashenbark Logs
Refined into   Ashenbark Planks