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Baby Animals are items that can be placed in pastures or kennels, if the player has a high enough Animal Breeder skill, to grow into adult animals when fed. The diet (Crops/Herbs/Meats), amount per hour and time required to grow changes with the type and tier of the Baby Animals.

Baby Animals can be bought and sold on the Marketplace.

Standard Baby Animals

Standard Baby Animals can be bought from the Farming Merchant for silver.

Baby Animal Price[1]
Domestic Baby Animals
  Baby Chickens 5,000
  Kid 7,500
  Gosling 10,000
  Lamb 15,000
  Piglet 22,500
  Calf 30,000
Baby Animal Price[1]
Ox Calves
  Journeyman's Ox Calf 25,000
  Adept's Ox Calf 75,000
  Expert's Ox Calf 225,000
  Master's Ox Calf 675,000
  Grandmaster's Ox Calf 2,020,000
  Elder's Ox Calf 6,070,000
Baby Animal Price[1]
  Journeyman's Foal 25,000
  Adept's Foal 75,000
  Expert's Foal 225,000
  Master's Foal 675,000
  Grandmaster's Foal 2,020,000
  Elder's Foal 6,070,000

Rare Baby Animals

Most Rare Baby Animals have a chance to drop when killing a wild animal.

Rare Baby Animal Dropped by
  Adept's Fawn T4 Giant Stags
  Swiftclaw Cub T5 Sabretooth Tiger ( and other t5 and higher Cougars )
  Direwolf Pup T6 Dire Wolf
  Master's Fawn[2]
  Direboar Piglet T7 Dire Boar
  Swamp Dragon Pup T6 Swamp Dragon
  Ghostwolf Pup[2]
  Direbear Cub T8 Dire Bear
  Mammoth Calf T8 Ancient Mammoth

Faction Baby Animals

All Faction Baby Animals are tier 5 or tier 8. They can be purchased at the Faction Enlistment NPC in each Royal City.

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  2. 2.0 2.1 Can't be raised or saddled any longer