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[[File:Black Market Merchant.png|thumb|492x492px|* "Got some for me...?"
[[File:M3rchantblackmarket.jpg|thumb|492x492px|* "Got some for me...?"
* "I'll... take it!"
* "I'll... take it!"
* "A pleasure!"]]
* "A pleasure!"]]

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* "Got some for me...?" * "I'll... take it!" * "A pleasure!"
"Where the world’s mobs get their drops from."
~ MaxTheMerc

The Black Market is an essential component of the Albion Online Economy. The market is where the world’s mobs get their loot from. As the need for dropped items increase or decreases, so does the price the Black Market merchant buys them for.

Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance a buy order is generated for the Black Market. Once there are a certain number of active buy orders for an item, the Black Market will start increasing the price of the item. This means that everything on the Black Market is directly linked to players’ actions in the open world.[1]

Practical Application of The Black Market

There is a good chance you can get a better price selling to the black market than you can from selling to other players, especially for lower tier gear. This is because lower tier gear is generally bought in lower numbers, while being crafted in higher numbers.  The Black Market also “trashes” a good portion of lower tier gear to remove them from the economy, which means it creates an item sink, allowing prices to rise. For higher tier gear, the Black Market may also sometimes give a higher price than what you can get on the open market, and get the money to you faster. [1]

Buy and Sell orders

Selling on the market is quite easy. To sell, you have two options. You can either fill an existing order on the market, or you can create your own order.

When you create a sell order, you choose the item you’d like to sell. You then list the price you’d like to sell that item for. If you create a sell order, the Black Market merchant won’t buy it right away. He will only buy it if the price raises high enough to afford your offer price.

If you want to sell an item to a buy order, you select the item you’d like to sell. If a buy order is present, you will be informed that instead of creating a sell order, you can sell immediately to Black Merchant right now, for the listed price. [1]


  • The Black Market classifies items with different qualities as different items, often creating a large different between prices between the different qualities. This can often lead to lower quality items being bought for more than their higher quality counterparts. Instead of looking at selling your current items, stay on the first page and search for the item you are looking to sell, this will allow you to see all qualities. You can sell your higher quality items to a lower quality buy order, but not the other way around.