Bowscale Fell

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Bowscale Fell

Zone type
The Royal Continent
4 - 6
Enh. rates
Connected to
Wanderlure Basin
Stumprot Swamp
Runnel Sink
Prime time


General Information

Bowscale Fell is a Red Zone located on the Royal Continent

Bowscale Fell is considered a Highlands Biome

There are no claimable territories in Bowscale Fell, so there is no Prime Time

Players will find dungeons in Bowscale Fell

Points of Interest

Bowscale Fell is a zone where a Hellgate will spawn

Players may enter a Road to Avalon from Bowscale Fell

Bowscale Fell is a faction warfare zone

Bowscale Fell contains a Tier 8 Repair Station

Bowscale Fell contains a Sepulcher of Magic

Available Resources

Normal Ore:
Normal Logs:
Normal Stone:

Mobs and NPCs

Hill Marmot

Mature Rock Elemental

Obsessed Archfiend

Obsessed Aspirant

Obsessed Champion

Obsessed Conjurer

Obsessed Crossbowman

Obsessed Cultist

Obsessed Fiend

Obsessed Footman

Obsessed Guard Dog

Obsessed Knight

Obsessed Squire