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== '''Mobs and NPCs''' ==
== '''Mobs and NPCs''' ==
[[Deranged Bouncer]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Bouncer]]
[[Deranged Hermit]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Hermit]]
[[Deranged Poacher]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Poacher]]
[[Deranged Scavenger]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Scavenger]]
[[Deranged Thief]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Thief]]
[[Deranged Trapper]]
[[Has mob::Deranged Trapper]]
[[Hill Marmot]]
[[Has mob::Hill Marmot]]
[[Rock Elemental]]
[[Has mob::Rock Elemental]]
[[Wild Bouncer]]
[[Has mob::Wild Bouncer]]
[[Wild Firestarter]]
[[Has mob::Wild Firestarter]]
[[Wild Gatherer]]
[[Has mob::Wild Gatherer]]
[[Wild Foul Rat]]
[[Has mob::Wild Foul Rat]]
[[Wild Poacher]]
[[Has mob::Wild Poacher]]
[[Wild Thief]]
[[Has mob::Wild Thief]]
[[Category:Blue Zone]]
[[Category:Blue Zone]]
[[Category:Highlands Biome]]
[[Category:Highlands Biome]]

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Brent Knoll

Zone type
The Royal Continent
2 - 3
Enh. rates
Connected to
Mase Knoll
Highland Cross
Prime time


General Information

Brent Knoll is a Blue Zone located on the Royal Continent

Brent Knoll is a non-PVP zone unless a player is Faction flagged

Brent Knoll is considered a Highlands Biome

There are no claimable territories in Brent Knoll, so there is no Prime Time

Players will find the static dungeon Forgotten Vaults in Brent Knoll

Points of Interest

Brent Knoll contains Journeyman's Tanner, Lumbermill, and Stonemason

Available Resources

Normal Ore:
Normal Logs:
Normal Stone:

Mobs and NPCs

Deranged Bouncer

Deranged Hermit

Deranged Poacher

Deranged Scavenger

Deranged Thief

Deranged Trapper

Hill Marmot

Rock Elemental

Wild Bouncer

Wild Firestarter

Wild Gatherer

Wild Foul Rat

Wild Poacher

Wild Thief