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General Information

The Butcher is a farming building

Players can turn domestic animals from the Pasture into raw meat

Players may also refine fish into Chopped Fish, which then can then be used to prepare meals at the Cook or potions at the Alchemist's Lab

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3
Novice Butcher 2 Rough Logs 25 Rough Stone 3 Limestone Block 150
Journeyman Butcher 3 Rough Logs 50 Rough Stone 5 Sandstone Block 150
Adept Butcher 4 Rough Logs 100 Rough Stone 10 Travertine Block 150
Expert Butcher 5 Rough Logs 200 Rough Stone 20 Granite Block 150
Master Butcher 6 Rough Logs 400 Rough Stone 40 Slate Block 150
Grandmaster Butcher 7 Rough Logs 800 Rough Stone 80 Basalt Block 150
Elder Butcher 8 Rough Logs 1600 Rough Stone 160 Basalt Block 150


T3 Butcher
T4 Butcher
T5 Butcher
T6 Butcher
T7 Butcher
T8 Butcher