Cairn Glascore

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Cairn Glascore

Zone type
The Royal Continent
3 - 5
Enh. rates
Connected to
Darkground Swamp
Spectral Sump
Cairn Gorm
Sleetwater Basin
Prime time


General Information

Cairn Glascore is a Yellow Zone located on the Royal Continent

Cairn Glascore is considered a Mountain Biome

There are no claimable territories in Cairn Glascore, so there is no Prime Time

Players will find dungeons in Cairn Glascore

Points of Interest

Cairn Glascore is a zone where a Hellgate will spawn

Players may enter a Road to Avalon from Cairn Glascore

Cairn Glascore is a faction warfare zone

Cairn Glascore contains a Tier 8 Repair Station

Cairn Glascore contains a player bank

Available Resources

Normal Ore:
Normal Fiber:
Normal Stone:

Mobs and NPCs

Bonecrusher Axe-Thrower

Bonecrusher Berserker

Bonecrusher Druid

Bonecrusher Giant

Bonecrusher Greybeard

Bonecrusher Knifeling

Bonecrusher Sage

Bonecrusher Wildling

Mature Ore Elemental

Snow Rabbit