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A Castle is a open world structure that can be claimed by guilds. Once claimed the castle guards will fly the owning guilds colors and reward the guild with season points and the access to open the castle chests.

To claim a castle for a guild, players must first defeat the guards, then the elite guards and finally the castle boss. Once one wave of enemies has been defeated, it takes 15 minutes for the next enemies to spawn.

Some guards are hidden behind castle gates, which must be destroyed with a demolition hammer first. A castle gate can be attacked and destroyed by any tier siege hammer, but higher tier hammers will do more damage to the gates.

Castle Chest

An example of castle loot

The guild who owns the castle can open the castle chest, which spawns once at Sunday, the spawntime goes forward (2) hours every week.

The loot in this chest can include:

- One or multiple relic artifacts ranging between T4 - T8

- One or multiple soul artifacts ranging between T4 - T8

- One or multiple rune artifacts ranging between T4 - T8

- Anywhere between 25-150 souls ranging between T6 - T7 (?)

- Armor/weaponry ranging from T6 - T8

- Bags and capes

Castle Season Points

Holding a castle during the the zone timer (either EU: 16 UTC or US: 00:00 UTC) awards the owning guild Siphoned Energy and Season Points credited to their guild wallet.

Castles on different continents award different amounts of season points and energy. The amount of Season Points and Energy a castle awards can be seen when clicking on it on the world map.

Castle Guards and Castle Lord

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Castle Guards

Inside the castle walls you will find 30 guards, who attack any player not in the alliance of the owner. There are 2 types of guards:

- 15 Soldiers: Melee warriors with 4812 hp, they deal approximately 60 dmg per autoattack

- 15 Archers: Bowmen with 3368 hp, they deal approximately 90 dmg per autoattack

Elite Castle Guards


Castle Lord



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