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{{IP Note}}
{{IP Note}}
== '''Equipment''' ==
{{Shared Spells Table}}
[[Category:Cloth Cowl Ability]]
[[Category:Cloth Cowl Ability]]

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A passive ability found on the second slot of Cloth Cowls.

Energy Cost - Cast speed is increased by 5.263%
Cast Time -
Range -
Cooldown -

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.


Cloth Cowls
Elder's Cleric Cowl
Elder's Cowl of Purity
Elder's Cultist Cowl
Elder's Druid Cowl
Elder's Fiend Cowl
Elder's Mage Cowl
Elder's Royal Cowl
Elder's Scholar Cowl
Cloth Sandles
Elder's Cleric Sandals
Elder's Cultist Sandals
Elder's Druid Sandals
Elder's Fiend Sandals
Elder's Mage Sandals
Elder's Royal Sandals
Elder's Sandals of Purity
Elder's Scholar Sandals