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Upper: default RRR. Lower: RRR with Crafting Focus

Some zones allow a resource return rate (RRR) when crafting. For example, crafting in a town will result in a resource return rate of 10%. If you were to use 100 cotton to craft 100 linen, then you would receive a refund of 10 cotton. This gives you a slight advantage when crafting and if you purchase resources from other players, this also gives you a subtle economic advantage that can pay off well in the long run. The bonus received depends on the zone you are crafting in and generally speaking, the more dangerous the zone, the greater the return. The image to the right shows an RRR of 10%. But with Crafting Focus enabled, the RRR increases to 19%. The option to enable or disable Crafting Focus is viewed on the crafting screen.

Crafting with Crafting Focus enabled increases the resource return rate and increases the chance to produce a higher quality item. Crafting Focus will max out at 3,825 points and regenerates over time, even when you are logged out. The recovery rate is increased with a premium account. The table below illustrates the default resource return rate before enabling crafting focus.

Zone RRR
Starter Towns 0
Player Islands 0
Towns 10%