Crenellated Burdock

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General Information

Crenellated Burdock is a tier 4 herb grown by using Crenellated Burdock Seeds on a Herb Garden on a Player Island

Crenellated Burdock may be purchased from the Market Place

Crenellated Burdock requires Herbalist level 1 on the Destiny Board to be planted

All Herbs reward 100 base fame when harvested

To gain a chance for seed return, use Focus to water the seeds

All Craftable Items can be created at the Alchemist's Lab

Craftable Items

Tier Item Name
4 Energy Potion
4 Greenriver Eel Stew
4 Healing Potion
4 Midwater Octopus Salad
4 Minor Poison Potion
5 Gigantify Potion
5 Resistance Potion
5 Sticky Potion
7 Major Resistance Potion
7 Major Sticky Potion

Other Crops and Herbs