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* Blackzone Death
* Blackzone Death
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!Death Type
!Death Type

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Albion is a full loot mmorpg in which the death of characters has a common occurrence.

There are several types of death a player can experience in Albion depending on where he is and previous actions:

  • Faction Death
  • Royal Continent Death
  • GvG Death
  • Hellgate Death
  • Blackzone Death
Death Type Conditions Respawn options Other info
Faction Death -be faction flagged

-be in the royal continent


-nearest city

-your faction city

-all the faction kills
Royal Continent Death -be in a PvP circle or

-fight a flagged champion

-or be pvp flagged and fight a not flagged player


-nearest city

-if a player participates in a royal continent kill while flagged the player will lose reputation proportional to the kill fame
GvG Death/ Crystal GvG death -be in a GvG fight -always at the gvg tent
Hellgate Death - be in a hellgate
Blackzone Death - be in the blackzone
Suicide -no conditions,

-type '/suicide'