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General Information

Player death occurs upon executing a player character, or reducing their health to zero with an auto-attack or ability.

Killing a player's character grants PvP fame to the killer and to the players in their party who are in the proximity of the victim. The PvP fame value depends on the value of the victim’s equipped items and any equipable items in their inventory. Killing a character with no items will grant zero PvP fame, but will still show up on the player’s killboard.

If a killed character had items equipped or in their inventory, these will drop as a loot bag on the ground. Any items that trash upon death will become trash of tier equivalent to their original tier. If there are no items equipped or in their inventory, an empty skeleton will drop on the ground instead.

Upon a character's death, a skull will flash on the local map at the location of the death.

Death in Albion Online is not permanent and as soon as a character is killed they have the option to respawn.

Types of player death

Many activities in the world of Albion can result in the death of the player. These deaths will result in the loss of all items in the player’s inventory and all equipped items.

  • Faction flagged Death: Players can be executed or killed by other players flagged for an opposing faction during Faction Warfare anywhere on the Royal Continent
  • Red Zone Death: Players can be killed or executed by other players flagged as hostile, or killed by other players whilst in a PvP circle
  • Black Zone Death: Players can be killed or executed by any other non-allied player anywhere in a Black zone
  • Instanced Death: Players in a Greater or Lesser Hellgate can die to other players, as can players in any Level 2+ Crystal League match. Exceptions to this are Blue zone lesser hellgates, in which PvP results in knockdown.
  • Suicide: Players can instantly kill themselves by typing /suicide in the chatbox

Gear Impact Upon Death

When a player dies, they will drop all equipped items and items in their inventory. They will never drop Silver or Gold.

There is a 30% chance that an item may trash upon death.

Dropped items incur a durability loww. Items with durability loss are not destroyed but will lose Item power if their durability reaches too low. The extent of durability lost scales with the number of attackers:

Number of Attackers Durability Loss Per Item
1 20 - 40%
2 23 - 46%
3 26 - 52%
4 29 - 58%
5 32 - 64%
6 35 - 70%
7 38 - 76%
8 41 - 82%
9 44 - 88%
10 47 - 94%
11+ 50 - 100%


As soon as a player dies, they will have the option to respawn.

Players will always have the option to respawn in the last royal continent city they visited.

Additionally, if a player has set Home at an outland rest or at a Hideout, they will also have the option to respawn there. Passing through a realmgate into the outlands will remove a player’s home binding, however.

Repeatedly respawning in a hideout gives a player a time penalty in allowing them to leave the hideout. This increases with the number of respawns:

Number of Respawns Time penalty (seconds)
1 No penalty
2 30s
3 60s
4 120s
5+ 240s