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General Information

The concept of death in the world of Albion Online refers to the execution or killing of players' characters

Killing a player's character grants PvP fame to the killer and to the players in their party who are in the proximity of the victim.

The PvP Fame value depends on the value of the items the victim has equipped and in their inventory starting from 0 (zero) for a character that has no items at all.

When a character is killed their body drops on the ground. If the killed character has any equipped items or items in their inventory when they are killed, a loot bag drops on the ground.

When the killed character respawns the body turns into a skeleton.

Death in Albion Online is not permanent and as soon as a character is killed they have the option to respawn.

The possible location for respawning depends on the place where the character dies as well as on the type of death they experience.

How Can a Player Die

There are several types of death a player can experience in Albion which depend on some conditions. The player will never drop Silver or Gold. Note: Players will not drop items if they are

  • Faction Death: player must be faction flagged and on the Royal Continent
  • Royal Continent Death: player must be either in a PVP circle, fighting a flagged champion; or be PVP flagged and fight a non-flagged player
  • GVG Death: player must be in a GVG fight
  • Hellgate Death: player must be in a Hellgate
  • Black Zone Death: player must be in a Black zone
  • Suicide: player types /suicide

Gear Impact Upon Death

When a player dies, they will drop all equipped items and items in their inventory. They will never drop Silver or Gold.

There is a 30% chance that an item may trash upon death.

Dropped items will result in a durability loss depending on the number of attackers

Items with durability loss are not destroyed but are also not usable until repaired

Number of Attackers Durability Loss Per Item
1 20 - 40%
2 23 - 46%
3 26 - 52%
4 29 - 58%
5 32 - 64%
6 35 - 70%
7 38 - 76%
8 41 - 82%
9 44 - 88%
10 47 - 94%
11+ 50 - 100%