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{{PAGENAME}} contains a Castle Outpost
{{PAGENAME}} contains a Castle Outpost
{{PAGENAME}} has a Fiber Meadow of [[Skyflower]] and [[Redleaf Cotton]] indicated by the fiber icon on the map
{{PAGENAME}} has a Fiber Meadow indicated by the fiber icon on the map
== '''Local Production Bonuses''' ==
== '''Local Production Bonuses''' ==
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[[Has mob::Watchtower Sentry]]
[[Has mob::Watchtower Sentry]]
[[Has mob::Ancient Ent]]
[[Has mob::Enormous Dryad]]
[[Has mob::Old White]]
[[Category:Black Zone]]
[[Category:Black Zone]]
[[Category:Swamp Biome]]
[[Category:Swamp Biome]]
[[Category:Resource Territory]]
[[Category:Resource Territory]]
[[Category:Fiber Meadow]]

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Deathwisp Sink

Zone type
5 - 7
Enh. rates
Connected to
Murdergulch Divide
Driftwood Hollow
Black Monastery
Prime time
0000 - 0400 UTC


General Information

Deathwisp Sink is a Black Zone located in the Outlands

Deathwisp Sink contains the claimable resource territory Deathwisp Sink Leigh

Players will find the static dungeons in Deathwisp Sink

Players may place Hideouts in Deathwisp Sink

Deathwisp Sink allows for a Local Production Bonus

Points of Interest

Players may enter a Road to Avalon from Deathwisp Sink

Deathwisp Sink contains a Castle Outpost

Deathwisp Sink has a Fiber Meadow indicated by the fiber icon on the map

Local Production Bonuses

Refining +18%

  • Ore +15%

Crafting +25%

  • Mace +30%
  • Nature Staff +30%
  • Fire Staff +30%
  • Leather Armor +30%
  • Cloth Helmet +30%

Available Resources


Mobs and NPCs

Avalonian Treasure Drone

Castle Archer

Castle Soldier

Condemned Archer

Condemned Bowmaster

Condemned Brittle Skeleton

Condemned Deathmonger

Condemned Ghoul

Condemned Shade

Condemned Swordsman

Condemned Swordmaster

Condemned Warlock

Crystal Spider


Elder Swamp Spirit

Feral Boar

Giant Snake

Guild Mage

Mature Swamp Spirit

Sentry Mage

Swamp Dragon


Watchtower Guard

Watchtower Sentry

Ancient Ent

Enormous Dryad

Old White