Demolition Hammer

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Demolition Hammer

A demolition hammer, commonly referred to as a "demo hammer" or a "siege hammer" is an item used to demolish buildings, castle gates, or placeable objects. When equipped, a user can mouse over a building until a sword icon appears. Once clicked, your character will begin to demolish a building or farm. The higher the building tier, the higher the demolition hammer needs to be able in order to destroy the building. Banners require a Tier 5 demo hammer to be destroyed and founder statues can be destroyed with a Tier 3 demo hammer.

Demolishing a building must first be enabled in renovation menu of a building before it can be demolished.

Demolition hammers are also used to destroy the gates of Castles. The higher the tier of the hammer the faster the gates of a castle can be taken down. A castle gate can be demolished by any tier if attacked long enough.

List of Demolition Hammers

Tier Common Gathering
1 Beginner's Demolition Hammer T1 - T2
2 Novice's Demolition Hammer T2 - T3
3 Journeyman's Demolition Hammer T3 - T4
4 Adept's Demolition Hammer T4 - T5
5 Expert's Demolition Hammer T5 - T6
6 Master's Demolition Hammer T6 - T7
7 Grandmaster's Demolition Hammer T7 - T8
8 Elder's Demolition Hammer T8