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Bear in mind that, although in theory it is possible to master all areas of the Destiny Board on one character, it will take a very long time to complete everything. The Destiny Board also rewards players more who specialize in their professions instead of being a jack-of-all-trades. Nevertheless, this should not hold you back from testing new things.
Bear in mind that, although in theory it is possible to master all areas of the Destiny Board on one character, it will take a very long time to complete everything. The Destiny Board also rewards players more who specialize in their professions instead of being a jack-of-all-trades. Nevertheless, this should not hold you back from testing new things.
See [https://www.albiononline2d.com/en/sitemap/achievements Albion's database] for a list of all Destiny Board nodes.
== What are Learning Points? ==
== What are Learning Points? ==

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The Destiny Board is your skill tree and progress guide through Albion Online. In addition to tracking your past progress, it illustrates what future activities you will have to complete to unlock more skills, wear stronger gear, or gather better resources. It is a vital tool in the game, and while it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, it will become easier to understand after you spend some time with it.

The default shortcut to open your Destiny Board is the N key. There is also the option to open it by clicking on the small Destiny Board symbol on your screen. Depending on your HUD settings and device you are playing Albion on, the Destiny Board icon will either be in the top right corner or at the bottom center.

After completing the tutorial, you can decide for yourself what you want to focus on. Do not be overly influenced by the Destiny Board symbol on your screen and the tasks next to it. You are not bound to a preset path and can go your own way. These are only the skills you are closest to unlocking. You can click on the small arrow to filter the shown tasks. By repeating activities you enjoy and want to do, your character will automatically improve in those areas. For instance, if you enjoy swinging a sword, you should focus on using it when killing foes as this will unlock more skills and better swords and allow you to deal more damage.

Bear in mind that, although in theory it is possible to master all areas of the Destiny Board on one character, it will take a very long time to complete everything. The Destiny Board also rewards players more who specialize in their professions instead of being a jack-of-all-trades. Nevertheless, this should not hold you back from testing new things.

See Albion's database for a list of all Destiny Board nodes.

What are Learning Points?

Learning Points (LP for short) are used to increase your progress speed on the Destiny Board and are very helpful for all kinds of players.

To obtain Learning Points, one must create a character and purchase Premium status in-game. As long as your character has Premium status, you will generate 20 Learning Points per day. They are also generated while being offline. After purchasing a total of 30 days or more of premium for the first time, you will be rewarded with an extra 200 Learning Points. To see how many Learning Points your character currently has in total, open your Destiny Board and check the number next to the small book icon at the right corner of your screen. These points are, like Premium status, only for one character and cannot be shared with other characters on the same account. Every character with Premium status on one account will, of course, generate 20 Learning Points per day.

Learning Points can only be used after unlocking Tier 3 of the skill or item you want to improve, meaning you cannot use Learning Points to unlock, for instance, a Journeyman's Broadsword (a Tier 3 weapon). Once you can use the Journeyman's Broadsword, you have the ability to unlock the Adept's Broadsword (a Tier 4 weapon) with your Learning Points. However, you cannot solely acquire any skill just through the use of Learning Points. You will always have to collect a minimum of 20% of the total amount of Fame needed to unlock the next level.

By saving Learning Points and using them wisely on skills you need to achieve your goals, you will save a great deal of time and will thus be able to play the game more efficiently. Keep in mind that you cannot retrieve used Learning Points, so treat them with care and don't waste them.

How to unlock a node?

As stated above, you will complete nodes and start filling up your Destiny Board by repeating tasks depending on what you want to advance in.

The requirements for unlocking something can be found by clicking directly on the node you want to complete. If you, for instance, try to equip an item you have not unlocked on your Destiny Board the game will redirect you to the node which is needed to use the item. These requirements can be built up as the following: “Craft this particular item and get this amount of fame by doing so.” Through crafting that item, you will receive a set amount of fame, and after repeating this process enough times, you will successfully unlock the next level. The same principle goes for all other areas of the Destiny Board such as combat and gathering.

While trying to unlock a Tier 4 skill, you will notice that the fame requirements for the next level have been split up into two segments. The first part is 20% of your total fame, after this threshold you can spend learning points. The second part is the remaining 80% to fulfill the total fame requirement. " After completing the first segment like always, you now have the option to either continue on the same way as before or to skip the needed fame by exchanging some of your Learning Points for it. This is how Learning Points work and why they are so vital.

You do not have to directly decide whether or not you want to use your Learning Points to progress faster after finishing the first half of the requirement. If you continue to collect fame, as usual, the total amount of needed Learning Points will decrease. By doing so, you will start saving Learning Points more efficiently.


To be sure you are on the right path of achieving your goal, work from the edges of the Destiny Board back towards the center while planning on what to unlock. This way you will know what you will need to unlock in the future and what has to be completed first to move forward.

What are the different parts of the Destiny Board?

The Destiny Board can be split up into five major sections which all contain smaller sections within themselves.

First, there is the Adventurer Path, which is the long middle line. It is different from the other areas of the Destiny Board, as all fame gained within the game also goes towards the progression of the Adventurer Tier. You will unlock higher tiers passively by just playing the game however you want. If you want to improve here fast, you are advised to complete tasks rewarding a high amount of fame. Achieving a higher Adventurer level enables you, for example, to ride better mounts, to build greater buildings or to wear stronger accessories.

To the left of the Adventurer Path, you can spot the combat area. Slaying foes while having the weapon and armor you want to improve in equipped will let you progress in this area. As said before, there are no boundaries here. So you can combine any weapon with any armor. Furthermore, running through the middle of the combat area is the Reaver series. By killing creatures in the world of Albion, you will increase your character's overall damage and defense against them thanks to the Reaver's passive skill. With every new Reaver tier unlocked, you are also allowed to join a better expedition.

In the bottom left quarter of the Destiny Board is the location of the harvester or farmer skill tree. You will need to improve these skills on your private island or guild farm plot to become for example a farmer, cook or mount crafter.


Harvesting your farm lands and selling your yield on the auction house can be a source of passive income.

Next to that are all gathering tools which can be used and mastered in Albion Online. Besides being able to wear means of defense, the ability to equip a tool is essential for a steady progress within the game. By gathering resources, you will advance and unlock not only excellent tools but also armor specially designed to help you gather more resources faster and safer.

Last but not least is the large crafting section. As every item in Albion Online is player made, somebody has to have the ability to craft it. By crafting more and stronger items, you will progress in this area. Doing so will allow you to craft better gear with increased quality to outperform your enemies in combat or your competitors on the auction house.

What are Mastery Points?

The Destiny Board rewards players more if they specialize in their profession. This is where Masteries come into play.

After reaching Tier 4, you start not only to improve for instance the group of weapon you are using but also especially the type of weaponry. To keep it simple the more you focus on one weapon while in combat, on one item while crafting, on one resource while gathering or refining, the more efficient you will become in doing so through the Masteries.

Here is how Masteries work for each section:


If you always use a Broadsword for killing creatures, you will gain fame for your sword fighter skill which will allow you to use all types of swords such as the Claymore or Dual Swords. You will also learn new skills for all kinds of swords through improving your sword fighter level. Now because you are always using a Broadsword, you will increase your Mastery with it. Starting at level 1 and going up all the way to level 100. Through these Masteries you will slightly increase the item power of your Broadsword. Players who focus on increasing their Mastery on their weapon and armor will later deal and sustain a significant amount more damage than a player who has no Mastery at all with their gear.


Increasing your crafting Mastery will allow you to craft more efficiently by reducing the number of focus points needed while crafting and boosting the chance of crafting it with a higher quality. Focus points are a topic for themselves, but basically, when using them, you guarantee yourself a resource return and also the chance of increasing the quality of the item. Raising the quality of an item will result in a higher item power which then leads to overall more damage or a better defense.

There are also Masteries for refining resources; these work the same as crafting regular items. The only difference is that resources cannot gain a better quality.


Specializing on one gathering tool will over time increase your gathering yield and gathering speed for your tool. The Mastery also positively affects your gathering gear connected to the tool you are improving. By focusing on a few resources to gather, you increase the overall number of collected resources and also shorten the time needed.


While specializing further on the farm and harvest aspects of the game, you will be to use your farms, herb gardens and pastures more cost efficient.

By increasing your Mastery, you decrease the number of focus points needed when for example watering your farms. By watering acres, you receive back the used seeds while planting and also have a chance to get extras. This way you won't have to purchase new seeds every time you want to start plowing your fields.

Normal Equipment vs Artifact Equipment

Most gear you will come across in Albion will have no special requirements to be made. However, there are some types of gear which need an extra item to be crafted. These are known as Artifact Items.

Artifact weapons and armors are the most powerful equipment in the world of Albion. Special abilities on their E spell and overall increased item power make them unique and hard to deal with. To craft an artifact item, you will need the correlating artifact to do so. These, unfortunately, are a rare and expensive resource.

Not only are these artifacts rare but also only obtainable by striking down a powerful PvE boss. You may also attempt to meld artifact fragments into a single functioning artifact at an Artifact Foundry. These are located close to the center of every major city. Artifact fragments can also be looted from PvE bosses.