Earthkeeper Shaman

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The Earthkeeper Shaman is a Bossmob found in the Randomized Dungeons introduced with the Oberon udpate.

The Earthkeeper Shaman is part of the Keeper Faction.

(Please add screenshots and a description of the boss-mechanics to this page.)

The Earthkeeper Shaman can be heard reciting the following prayer as the player approaches:

Mother bring your children home

For now they wander all alone

Down these paths our elders made

Some in light and some in shade

Lead them through the canyons dark

Build a fire from lonely sparks

Take them in your mighty hands

Let them always feed the land

Their souls will fill the mighty well

All those who in battle fell

The nature that they swore to keep

Will bring them to eternal sleep

Until the day the earth will break

And from this slumber their souls will wake