Elder's Lymhurst Cape

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Elder's Lymhurst Cape

Elder's Lymhurst Cape
An Elder's Lymhurst Cape is a tier 8 Cape. It is one of the five tiers of Lymhurst Capes and it belongs to the City Faction Capes category. It can be crafted at the Toolmaker using:
Max Energy +18
Energy Regeneration +0.23
Passive Ability
Energy Reserve
Cooldown 139s

Numerical values are based on Normal quality flat enchantment and they slightly scale the higher the quality and the higher the enchantment.


Elder's Lymhurst Cape can be enchanted to become:

  • enchantment level 1 or .1
  • enchantment level 2 or .2
  • enchantment level 3 or .3

To enchant Elder's Lymhurst Cape a player needs to go to the Artifact Foundry and use:

  • 24 x Elder's Rune to enchant from .0 to .1
  • 24 x Elder's Soul to enchant from .1 to .2
  • 24 x Elder's Relic to enchant from .2 to .3


Each of the enchantment levels of the Elder's Lymhurst Cape can have one of the 5 quality levels:

  • Normal
  • Good
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Masterpiece

Stats Table of Comparison

Item Max Energy Energy Regeneration Passive Spell


18 0.23/s 139s
19 0.23/s 139s
19 0.24/s 138s
20 0.25/s 137s
21 0.27/s 135s
20 0.25/s 137s
20 0.25/s 136s
21 0.26/s 136s
22 0.27/s 135s
23 0.29/s 133s
22 0.27/s 134s
22 0.28/s 134s
22 0.28/s 134s
23 0.29/s 132s
25 0.31/s 130s
24 0.3/s 132s
24 0.3/s 132s
24 0.3/s 131s
25 0.32/s 130s
27 0.34/s 128s