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{{PAGENAME}} is aggressive and will fight upon sight
{{PAGENAME}} is aggressive and will fight upon sight
== '''Potential Drops''' ==
{{PAGENAME}} may drop [[Silver]], armor, weapons, maps, and any of these items:
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Adept's Keeper Crest}}[[Drops item::Adept's Keeper Crest]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Adept's Relic}}[[Drops item::Adept's Relic]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Adept's Rune}}[[Drops item::Adept's Rune]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Adept's Soul}}[[Drops item::Adept's Soul]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Adept's Tome of Insight}}[[Drops item::Adept's Tome of Insight]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Corrupted Scroll}}[[Drops item::Corrupted Scroll]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Feather Talisman}}[[Drops item::Feather Talisman]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Ornamental Scepter}}[[Drops item::Ornamental Scepter]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Ritual Candles}}[[Drops item::Ritual Candles]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Silver Cup}}[[Drops item::Silver Cup]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Simple Stone Toy}}[[Drops item::Simple Stone Toy]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Expert's Keeper Crest}}[[Drops item::Expert's Keeper Crest]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Expert's Relic}}[[Drops item::Expert's Relic]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Expert's Rune}}[[Drops item::Expert's Rune]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Expert's Soul}}[[Drops item::Expert's Soul]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Master's Keeper Crest}}[[Drops item::Master's Keeper Crest]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Master's Relic}}[[Drops item::Master's Relic]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Master's Rune}}[[Drops item::Master's Rune]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Master's Soul}}[[Drops item::Master's Soul]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Grandmaster's Keeper Crest}}[[Drops item::Grandmaster's Keeper Crest]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Grandmaster's Relic}}[[Drops item::Grandmaster's Relic]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Grandmaster's Rune}}[[Drops item::Grandmaster's Rune]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Grandmaster's Soul}}[[Drops item::Grandmaster's Soul]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Elder's Keeper Crest}}[[Drops item::Elder's Keeper Crest]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Elder's Relic}}[[Drops item::Elder's Relic]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Elder's Rune}}[[Drops item::Elder's Rune]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Elder's Soul}}[[Drops item::Elder's Soul]]
{{aoitem | text=none | size=small | name=Sacred Bone Marrow}}[[Drops item::Sacred Bone Marrow]]
== '''Zones''' ==
== '''Zones''' ==

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General Information

Elite Earthkeeper Druid is a mob ranging in Tier depending upon the zone that the player is located

Each mob can upgrade multiple times, gaining strength and offering increased Fame and loot, rewarding players and groups who seek out unexplored areas

Elite Earthkeeper Druid is aggressive and will fight upon sight

Potential Drops

Elite Earthkeeper Druid may drop Silver, armor, weapons, Level 1 to Level 8 HCE Maps, and/or any of these items (+/- 2 tiers of the mob):

Misc Items
Adept's Tome of Insight Adept's Dungeon Map (Solo) Expert's Dungeon Map (Solo) Master's Dungeon Map (Solo) Grandmaster's Dungeon Map (Solo) Elder's Dungeon Map (Solo)
Adept's Rune Expert's Rune Master's Rune Grandmaster's Rune Elder's Rune
Adept's Soul Expert's Soul Master's Soul Grandmaster's Soul Elder's Soul
Adept's Relic Expert's Relic Master's Relic Grandmaster's Relic Elder's Relic
T4 Luxury Items
Corrupted Scroll Feather Talisman Ornamental Scepter Ritual Candles Silver Cup Simple Stone Toy
T5 Luxury Items
Thin Booklet Dreamcatcher Globus Cruciger Blood Chalice Silver Mirror Stone Mask
T6 Luxury Items
Ancient Tome Holy Fetish Golden Crown Sacrificial Dagger Silver Cup Stone Idol
T4~T4.3 Gear Items
Adept's Broadsword Adept's Claymore Adept's Dual Swords Adept's Clarent Blade Adept's Carving Sword Adept's Kingmaker Adept's Battleaxe Adept's Greataxe Adept's Halberd Adept's Carrioncaller Adept's Infernal Scythe Adept's Bear Paws Adept's Realmbreaker
Keeper Items
Adept's Keeper Crest Expert's Keeper Crest Master's Keeper Crest Grandmaster's Keeper Crest Elder's Keeper Crest Sacred Bone Marrow
Keeper Decorations
Keeper Symbol Keeper Ceremonial Candle Keeper Shrine Keeper Campfire Keeper Altar Keeper Flag Keeper Symbol of Power Keeper Star of Power Keeper Cauldron Keeper Rock Fireplace



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