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Enchantment Rate Modifier is a predetermined chance between 1 - 100% for a resource node in a zone to appear in an enchanted variant (uncommon, rare or exceptional). Every area has its own value with some areas being better than others for resource gathering.

Every 30 (?) minutes the game rerolls resource nodes, so a resource node can spawn, despawn, or remain spawned. And it also rerolls its enchant, so the enchant can increase, decrease or stay the same.

Enchantment rarity

The rarity of an enchantment depends on the enchantment rate of the zone. It can be viewed for every zone at the top of the zone map (default key N). Detailed information about the spawn chance of every enchantment can be viewed by hovering on the indicated area.

Details of enchantment rate modifier for Slowtree Plain.

Enchantment Rate Modifier for Slowtree Plain.png

Slowtree Plain has an enchantment rate modifier of 33%, details can be seen when hovering the mouse over the indicated area.

Enchantment rates in the Outlands can be described simply. Their resource enchantment rates are the following:

  • Anglia: 7-8%
  • Cumbria: 9-13%
  • Mercia: 18-22%

Rates on the Royal Continent can vary between 8-33% depending on their proximity to each of the royal cities. To quote the developers:

Resource distribution has been updated to encourage travel and transport throughout the Royal Continent. The territories around the Royal cities now hold more enchanted resources, providing an excellent source for economic and equipment boosts. [1]


Two Tier 5 yellow zones between each Royal city and Caerleon are now red zones with a 20% enchantment rate for Tier 4 and Tier 5 resources.[1]

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