Energy Manipulator

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Energy Manipulator NPC in Caerleon

Energy Manipulator Mattina is an NPC that can be found in Caerleon and the five Royal Cities

Rare Mounts

The Energy Manipulator offers four Mounts in exchange for energy, as well as a fixed amount of materials and a base mount.

At the time of writing, this list includes:

Rare Mount Material Cost
Siege Ballista Master's Transport Ox

2000 Siphoned Energy

20 Runite Steel Bar

20 Hardened Leather

20 Bloodoak Planks

Flame Basilisk Saddled Swamp Dragon

5,000 Siphoned Energy

20 Opulent Cloth

Venom Basilisk Saddled Swamp Dragon

5,000 Siphoned Energy

20 Meteorite Steel Bar

Elder's Command Mammoth Elder's Transport Mammoth

10,000 Siphoned Energy

20 Fortified Leather


The Energy Manipulator also gives players the opportunity to convert their Siphoned Energy or Arcane Essence into runes, souls or relics.

Siphoned Energy

The crafting list includes:

Tier 4

Adept's Rune for 1 Siphoned Energy
Adept's Soul for 1 Siphoned Energy
Adept's Relic for 1 Siphoned Energy

Tier 5

Expert's Rune for 1Siphoned Energy
Expert's Soul for 1Siphoned Energy
Expert's Relic for 2Siphoned Energy

Tier 6

Master's Rune for 1Siphoned Energy
Master's Soul for 2Siphoned Energy
Master's Relic for 6Siphoned Energy

Tier 7

Grandmaster's Rune for 2Siphoned Energy
Grandmaster's Soul for 6Siphoned Energy
Grandmaster's Relic for 18Siphoned Energy

Tier 8

Elder's Rune for 6Siphoned Energy
Elder's Soul for 18Siphoned Energy
Elder's Relic for 54Siphoned Energy