Farm Territory

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The Farm Territory are also called Farm Plots. On these plots are many farms accessible to the controlling guild in order to help maintain food costs. These plots are protected by NPC guards and a deadly watchtower in the center There are 24 Farm territories in Anglia, 12 in Cumbria and 12 again in Mercia.

Farm Territory Bonuses

Farm territories offer 100% faster grow time for any crop, herb or animal, meaning you can grow crops in 11 hours as opposed to 22 hours on your personal island. For animals which require more than one growth cycle to raise, standard nurturing limits still apply. In other words, you can grow a direwolf faster on a town plot (feeding it 2x per 24 hours) but you are still only able to nurture it 1x per 24 hour period.

Farms, like resource territories also provide a 50% gathering bonus.

Forest Resource Territory