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Fishing rods are a tool, used to catch fish and rare treasures in the world of Albion. A fishing rod can be crafted at the toolmaker. A fishing rod always costs 6 Planks and 2 Cloth to craft. Fishing rods are considerd two-handed. The tier of the fishing rod determines what kind of fish can be caught while using the fishing gathering skill. Higher tier fishing rods have a higher fishing speed percentage bonus. In addition to the tier of the fishing rod, the item quality also influences the fishing speed bonus of a fishing rod. Each tier of fishing rod can catch common fish one tier higher but not rare fish one tier higher. For example, a Tier 6 fishing rod can catch the common T7 Danglemouth Catfish but not the rare T7 Thunderfall Lurcher.


List of Fishing Rods

Journeyman's Fishing Rod

Adept's Fishing Rod

Expert's Fishing Rod

Master's Fishing Rod

Grandmaster's Fishing Rod

Elder's Fishing Rod

Icon Name Tier Gathers Crafting Cost Weight
Journeyman's Fishing Rod III T1 - T4 6 x Chestnut Plank.png Chestnut Plank

2 x Neat Cloth.png Neat Cloth

Adept's Fishing Rod IV T1 - T5 6 x Pine Plank.png Pine Plank

2 x Fine Cloth.png Fine Cloth

Expert's Fishing Rod V T1 - T6 6 x Cedar Plank.png Cedar Plank

2 x Ornate Cloth.png Ornate Cloth

Master's Fishing Rod VI T1 - T7 6 x Bloodoak Plank.png Bloodoak Plank

2 x Lavish Cloth.png Lavish Cloth

Grandmaster's Fishing Rod VII T1 - T8 6 x Ashenbark Planks.png Ashenbark Planks

2 x Opulent Cloth.png Opulent Cloth

Elder's Fishing Rod VIII T1 - T8 6 x Whitewood Plank.png Whitewood Plank

2 x Baroque Cloth.png Baroque Cloth


Fishing Rod Speed Bonuses

Fishing Rods: Fishing Speed Bonus Depending on Item Quality
Tier Name Normal Good Outstanding Excellent Masterpiece
3 Journeyman's Fishing Rod +19% +19% +20% +21% +24%
4 Adept's Fishing Rod +31% +32% +33% +36% +41%
5 Expert's Fishing Rod +41% +42% +43% +47% +53%
6 Master's Fishing Rod +53% +54% +56% +60% +69%
7 Grandmaster's Fishing Rod +65% +67% +69% +75% +85%
8 Elder's Fishing Rod +81% +83% +85% +92% +105%