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[[Vanity Merchant]]
[[Vanity Merchant]]
== '''Local Production Bonuses''' ==
'''Refining +18%'''
* Wood +40%
'''Crafting +18%'''
* Hammer +15%
* Spear +15%
* Holy Staff +15%
* Plate Helmet +15%
[[Category:Blue Zone]]
[[Category:Blue Zone]]

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Fort Sterling

Zone type
The Royal Continent
Enh. rates
Connected to
Mawar Gorge
Cairn Camain
Crose Gorge
Pen Gent
Prime time


General Information

Fort Sterling is a Blue Zone located in The Royal Continent

There are no claimable territories in Fort Sterling, so there is no Prime Time

Fort Sterling is a main city and a safe zone to players of Suspicious Reputation or higher

Fort Sterling contains a Travel Planner to travel between main cities

All City Plots in Fort Sterling are player-owned

Players may visit Conquerors' Hall in Fort Sterling to enter a Realmgate

Players may travel via the Realmgate to Whitebank Portal North, Whitebank Portal South, or Whitebank Portal East

Entering the Realmgate will temporarily bind a player to that portal for 7 days

Available Services


Elder's Repair Station

Energy Manipulator

Expedition Master

Faction Enlistment

Market Place

Player Bank

Travel Planner

Vanity Merchant

Local Production Bonuses

Refining +18%

  • Wood +40%

Crafting +18%

  • Hammer +15%
  • Spear +15%
  • Holy Staff +15%
  • Plate Helmet +15%