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Gathering is an activity where players go into the blue, yellow, red or black zones to harvest resources from resource nodes, using gathering tools.

There are five main professions and one passive one being Farming. The five main professions are:

See: Gathering Skills

Types of Resources and Locations

There are three attributes to a cluster which affect what type of resources spawn there, how prevalent each type is, and how dense the node spawns are:

  • The biome affects what type of resource nodes spawn in the cluster, and how prevalent each type is compared to the others.
  • The type of zone affects the density of resource nodes. Blue zones have the lowest density, then yellow, then red, then black with the highest density.
  • The tier of the cluster affects what tiers the resource nodes spawn as.

The resources that spawn in each cluster, and of what tiers those resources spawn with is visible on the local map of the cluster.

Resources can spawn as stationary nodes, or as attackable resource monsters which can be harvested after killing, similar to skinning animals.

Resource Distribution Within Clusters

The biome of the cluster affects what type of resource nodes spawn in the cluster. Each biome has a primary, secondary, and tertiary resource. The primary resource will always be more prevalent than the secondary, and the secondary will always be more prevalent than the tertiary. Additionally, attackable resource mobs will spawn of the primary resource type in each biome.

The Roads of Avalon zones do not have biomes, and instead have resource creatures of all types. Static nodes are only found at hotspots in these zones.

Biome Resource Distribution
Type of Biome Primary Resource Secondary Resource Tertiary Resource
Forest Wood Hide Stone
Highland Stone Ore Wood
Mountain Ore Stone Fiber
Steppe Hide Fiber Ore
Swamp Fiber Wood Hide

Resource Availability by Tier

The tier and zone type of the cluster affect what tiers of resources are available, but in general:

  • T1-4 resources are available in all zone types.
  • T5 resources are only available in yellow, red, or black zones.
  • T6 resources are only available in red and black zones.
  • T7 and T8 resources are only available in black zones.

In the Outlands, the resource of the same tier as the cluster will always be most abundant.[1]

Resource Node Types and Respawn Rates

There are two types of resource nodes - normal nodes and big nodes. Big nodes only have a chance to spawn in the place of a normal T7 or T8 resource node, and contain significantly more charges. (These are identical to the pre-queen T7 & T8 nodes).

Over the course of the day, the charges in normal resource nodes recharge slowly, depending on the tier, according to the chart below:[1]

Normal Resource Node Charges and Respawn Rates
Tier Max Charges Fastest to Slowest Respawn
2 9 5 to 15 minutes
3 9 6 to 17 minutes
4 6 7 to 24 minutes
5 5 12 to 38 minutes
6 5 67 to 203 minutes
7 3 3 to 11 hours
8 2 9 to 29 hours

Big resource nodes spawn with full charges, according to the chart below:[1]

Big Resource Node Charges and Respawn Rates
Tier Max Charges Fastest to Slowest Respawn
7 23 33 to 101 hours
8 27 36 to 110 hours

Optimizing Gathering

When gathering in order to make the most of your time it is important to optimize your location and routes. Generally speaking you want to balance speed and efficiency with risk, with high risk usually rewarding higher speed and efficiency. There are several factors that contribute to your resource gathering, and you should aim to have the highest possible:

  • Yield: Increased through consumable buffs, gathering gear, and mastery/specialization
  • Gather Speed: Increased through using higher tier tools, and mastery/specialization
  • Node density by location: Pick a location from the table above in "Resource Distribution within clusters"

Optimized setups for each profession

Setup for each profession
Optimization Miner (Ore) Quarrier (Stone) Lumberjack (Wood) Skinner (Hide) Harvester (Fiber) Farmer (Crops/Animals)
Gear Miner Set Quarrier Set Lumberjack Set Skinner Set Harvester Set
Location Moutain Highland Forest Steppe Swamp Player Island or Guild Island
Consumable Highest Tier Gathering Consumable which are generally pies.

For more information on gear setup, see