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Gathering is an activity where players go into the blue, yellow, red or black zones to harvest resources from resource nodes, using gathering tools.

There are five main professions and one passive one being Farming. The five main professions are:

See: Gathering Skills

Types of Resources and Locations

There are three attributes to a cluster which affect what type of resources spawn there, how prevalent each type is, and how dense the node spawns are:

  • The biome affects what type of resource nodes spawn in the cluster, and how prevalent each type is compared to the others.
  • The type of zone affects the density of resource nodes. Blue zones have the lowest density, then yellow, then red, then black with the highest density.
  • The tier of the cluster affects what tiers the resource nodes spawn as.

The resources that spawn in each cluster, and of what tiers those resources spawn with is visible on the local map of the cluster.

Resources can spawn as stationary nodes, or as attackable resource monsters which can be harvested after killing, similar to skinning animals.

Resource Distribution Within Clusters

The biome of the cluster affects what type of resource nodes spawn in the cluster. Each biome has a primary, secondary, and tertiary resource. The primary resource will always be more prevalent than the secondary, and the secondary will always be more prevalent than the tertiary. Additionally, attackable resource mobs will spawn of the primary resource type in each biome.

The Roads of Avalon zones do not have biomes, and instead have resource creatures of all types. Static nodes are only found at hotspots in these zones.

Biome Resource Distribution
Type of Biome Primary Resource Secondary Resource Tertiary Resource
Forest Wood Hide Stone
Highland Stone Ore Wood
Mountain Ore Stone Fiber
Steppe Hide Fiber Ore
Swamp Fiber Wood Hide

Resource Availability by Tier

The tier and zone type of the cluster affect what tiers of resources are available, but in general:

  • T1-4 resources are available in all zone types.
  • T5 resources are only available in yellow, red, or black zones.
  • T6 resources are only available in red and black zones.
  • T7 and T8 resources are only available in black zones.

In the Outlands, the resource of the same tier as the cluster will always be most abundant.[1]

Resource Node Types and Respawn Rates

There are two types of resource nodes - normal nodes and big nodes. Big nodes only have a chance to spawn in the place of a normal T7 or T8 resource node, and contain significantly more charges. (These are identical to the pre-queen T7 & T8 nodes).

Over the course of the day, the charges in normal resource nodes recharge slowly, depending on the tier, according to the chart below:[1]

Normal Resource Node Charges and Respawn Rates
Tier Max Charges Fastest to Slowest Respawn
2 9 5 to 15 minutes
3 9 6 to 17 minutes
4 6 7 to 24 minutes
5 5 12 to 38 minutes
6 5 67 to 203 minutes
7 3 3 to 11 hours
8 2 9 to 29 hours

Big resource nodes spawn with full charges, according to the chart below:[1]

Big Resource Node Charges and Respawn Rates
Tier Max Charges Fastest to Slowest Respawn
7 23 33 to 101 hours
8 27 36 to 110 hours

Optimizing Gathering

When gathering in order to make the most of your time it is important to optimize your location and routes. Generally speaking you want to balance speed and efficiency with risk, with high risk usually rewarding higher speed and efficiency. There are several factors that contribute to your resource gathering efficiency, and you should aim to have the highest possible:

  • Yield: Increased through consumable buffs, gathering gear, mastery/specialization, and premium bonus.
  • Gather Speed: Increased through using higher tier tools, and mastery/specialization
  • Node density by location: Pick a location from the table above in "Resource Distribution within clusters"
  • Enchanted percentage of zone
  • Hot spots in zone/cluster (See map for how to locate these)
  • Escape (red and black zones): utilize gear for escaping and know the map
  • Carry capacity: balance weight with risk
  • Mining same tier or lower
  • Aspects or nodes depending on goal of you efforts

Optimized setups for each profession

Setup for each profession
Optimization Miner (Ore) Quarrier (Stone) Lumberjack (Wood) Skinner (Hide) Harvester (Fiber) Farmer (Crops/Animals)
Weapon Bloodletter with Mistcaller for cooldowns (more below)
Armor Miner Set Quarrier Set Lumberjack Set Skinner Set Harvester Set
Location Moutain Highland Forest Steppe Swamp Player Island or Guild Island
Consumable Highest Tier Gathering Consumable which are generally pies.

For more information on gear setup, see

Location choice

Choosing the right biome is just as important as your zone choice. Depending on the tier of resource you must ensure you are in the proper zone type stated above. In addition to this there are other factors such as hot spots. To see got spots open your map and take not of the symbols on the map. Hot spots are signified based on the type of hot spot. You will also be able to see the percentage of enchanted nodes which is another factor for gathering as higher enchanted nodes will net more fame and money.

Node choice

Once in the location choose which nodes to gather. A good rule of thumb is there never gather up. Meaning only gather the nodes you have the same or higher tier tool for. Gathering tier 6 with tier 5 is a long tedious process and not worth it in the long run due to lack of specializations and bonuses from gear. An exception to this rule is gathering from aspects as the game is just too good.


If in red or black zones its important to make sure you do t lose your hard earned gathered materials to gankers. Gathering gear has built in escape abilities but furthermore there are weapon and off hands to consider. By far the best escape weapon is a Bloodletter for mobility and in the off hand a Mistcaller for cooldown reduction. Assuming gathering gear (which has built in escapes by the way) Usually you want to start with the following skillset selected and customize to your needs:

  • Head: Cleanse (to remove debuffs such as CC and slows)
  • Chest: Ambush (could mean you escape given a bit of invisibility)
  • Boots: Wanderlust. Good move speed for that run game.
  • Bloodletter:
    • Q: No escape assistance here
    • W: Dash for mobility
    • E: Lunging Stabs is mandatory due to it being the only E but is added mobility.

Other than that, you want to keep the rest of your gear pretty cheap in case the inevitable happens and a group gets you. T6 is about as high as you may want for a bag, maybe even lower since most bags has negligible returns for holding more since you want to make banking runs frequently anyway, and T4 gathering cape/pack gives you a flat 30% weight reduction at any tier so no improvement there. While on the topic of cheap gear, forgo any enchants as well since they do not boost yields in any way.

Escaping goes beyond gear however. Map awareness is crucial, as doing something as bad as running into a corner or cliff will render your escape a failure. Always have an escape route planned or focus on the paths you take and keep in mind blindly running into terrain could mean your death.

Choosing the right escape mount is one of the last important choices before going out as well see the Mount section.

Finally keep an eye on weight. Never be put in a position where pied or mount bonuses if lost, will over burden you, making escape impossible.

Choosing the right mount

There are a variety of mounts in the game. Most balance trade offs between carry weight bonuses and speed. Depending on you zone danger level you may need to consider which is right and when. In general for safe zones such as blue and yellow, the more carry weight the better. Oxen and other high carry bonus mounts are a safe bet.

In danger zones such as red and black however the best mount to make the most of your time in the long run are fast mounts with good defenses to escape. Mounts like lizards, Direwolves, and boar offer good speed and defense to help you escape. Direwolf is great for speed, lizard are hard to CC and slow and boar are expensive but good balanced mount in all areas.

Power Leveling

Early on you want to get to the highest possible gathering tiers to start making money. The higher your master and specialization, the faster and more you gather. In general follow these tips and you'll be on a great start:

  1. Go to a primary node biome and find a hotspot
  2. Tiers 1,2 and 3 are relatively quick. You'll want to go to a location with a lot of your type of resource around and go from node to node gathering. Get everything in sight.
  3. For tier 4 and onwards you want to make sure you are wearing the best gathering tier set you can to increase yields, which increases fame
  4. Now it may be worth considering to check the enchanted percentage of a zone. You can find these on the map and clicking each cluster to find the percentage at the top of the screen.
  5. Never pass up enchanted nodes as they reward more fame. X.1 is 2 times the fame, X.2 150%, and X.3 is three times the fame.
  6. Save learning points for the mastery tiers so that you unlock better gear and tiers of nodes more quickly. Once you hit 7/8 you can start thinking about using LP for masteries on the nodes you are focusing on
  7. Always be using the best pies you can afford to boost gathering. Again more yield is more fame
  8. If you can get premium for that static bonus.
  9. Once you get T5 you can think of doing aspects. They reward insane fame for the time invested. Best if done with friends. From T6 and on the best fame is going to be aspects hands down.

If you are a solo player and can't do aspects (you can solo aspects with proper preparedness) then you'll want to consider checking the prime time for node resets to get a boost in your gathering rates. You can check this reset in each node in the node map at the top. You will see a timer.

To truly level as quickly as possible having a strong group of guild will make this easier. Aspects and higher tier nodes such as 7 and 8 only spawn in dangerous zones and therefore there strength, and therefore safety, in numbers. If possible always find a group of players willing to group up for gathering in dangerous zones and working as a team for aspects.