Global Discount

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A Global Discount of 4.74%.

When the gold price on the market is below 3000, a Global Discount on silver costs is active. Until the Queen update, the threshold was 1500.

A silver pool is built out of the silver sinks (repair, transmutation, quality improvements) which remove some excessive gold from the market. In plain terms, this means a discount on anything that requires silver.

The image to the right taken from an in-game screenshot is an example of a global discount being applied to an island upgrade. In this case, the upgrade cost of 1.9 million silver has been reduced to 1.8 million silver due to a global discount of 4.74%, so a gold price of 2860: (1-(2860/3000))*100=4.74%

Global discount % works as it follows:

Gold price % of discount
3000 0
1500 50
0 100