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== '''Gallery''' ==
== '''Gallery''' ==
<gallery widths="200px" heights="200px" perrow="6">
<gallery widths="200px" heights="200px" perrow="6">

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General Information

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl is a Tier 7 Cloth Helmet which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place

There are three options for the D spell slot: Force Field, Energy Regain, and Energy Shield

There are three options for the passive slot: Aggression, Concentration, and Efficiency

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl, players will need the following materials:

Item Name Tier Quantity
Opulent Cloth 7.0 8
Uncommon Opulent Cloth 7.1 8
Rare Opulent Cloth 7.2 8
Exceptional Opulent Cloth 7.3 8


Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl
Item Quality Tier Item Power Weight Max Hit Points Max Energy Hit Points Regeneration Energy Regeneration
Normal 7.0
Good 7.0
Outstanding 7.0
Excellent 7.0
Masterpiece 7.0
Normal 7.1
Good 7.1
Outstanding 7.1
Excellent 7.1
Masterpiece 7.1
Normal 7.2
Good 7.2
Outstanding 7.2
Excellent 7.2
Masterpiece 7.2
Normal 7.3
Good 7.3
Outstanding 7.3
Excellent 7.3
Masterpiece 7.3

Additional Cloth Armor

Scholar Cowl:
Grandmaster Cloth Cowl: