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{{Armor item infobox
{{Armor item infobox
| tier=7
| weight=5.7 kg
| description=Cloth Armors offer limited defense, but excel at offense
| item_value=1008
| armor=
| cc_resistance=
| energy_regeneration=1.10/s
| energy_regeneration_bonus=
| equipment_slot=Head
| healing_cast_bonus=
| hit_points_regeneration=2.40/s
| hit_points_regeneration_bonus=
| item_power=1000
| magic_attack_bonus=
| magical_ability_bonus=
| magical_resistance=
| max_energy=84
| max_hit_points=237
| physical_ability_bonus=
| physical_attack_bonus=
| cast_time_modifier=
| mastery_modifier=15%
| armor_type=Cloth
| armor_type=Cloth

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Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl

Equipment Item
5.7 kg
Item value

General Information

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl is a Tier 7 Cloth Helmet which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place

There are three options for the D spell slot: Force Field, Energy Regain, and Energy Shield

There are three options for the passive slot: Aggression, Concentration, and Efficiency

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl, players will need the following materials:

Item Name Tier Quantity
Opulent Cloth 7.0 8
Uncommon Opulent Cloth 7.1 8
Rare Opulent Cloth 7.2 8
Exceptional Opulent Cloth 7.3 8


Grandmaster's Scholar Cowl
Item Quality Tier Item Power Max Hit Points Max Energy Hit Points Regeneration Energy Regeneration
Normal 7.0 1,000 237 84 2.4 /s 1.1 /s
Good 7.0 /s /s
Outstanding 7.0 /s /s
Excellent 7.0 /s /s
Masterpiece 7.0 /s /s
Normal 7.0 /s /s
Good 7.1 /s /s
Outstanding 7.1 /s /s
Excellent 7.1 /s /s
Masterpiece 7.1 /s /s
Normal 7.2 /s /s
Good 7.2 /s /s
Outstanding 7.2 /s /s
Excellent 7.2 /s /s
Masterpiece 7.2 /s /s
Normal 7.3 /s /s
Good 7.3 /s /s
Outstanding 7.3 /s /s
Excellent 7.3 /s /s
Masterpiece 7.3 /s /s

Additional Tier 7 Cloth Cowls

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Uncommon Cloth Cowl:
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Exceptional Cloth Cowl: