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General Information

Greataxes are Normal Axes with a strong focus on continuously hitting enemies at melee range, with a broad set of utility abilities to assist in doing so.


Item Tier
Adept's Greataxe 4
Expert's Greataxe 5
Master's Greataxe 6
Grandmaster's Greataxe 7
The Hand of Khor 8

First Slot Abilities

Q Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
RENDINGSTRIKE.png Rending Strike Deals 211 physical damage to an enemy target and inflicts a 5s bleed. The bleed causes 18 physical damage per second and reduces healing gained by 7% (stacks up 3 times).
11 Instant Melee 2s
HEROICSTRIKEAXE.png Rending Swing Swing the weapon around you and deal 175 physical damage to all enemies in a 6m radius. Also inflicts a Rending Bleed to each enemy hit, which lasts 5s dealing 18 physcial damage per second, and reduces healing gained by 7%. (Stacks up to 3 times).
7 Instant Self 3s

Second Slot Abilities

W Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
AXESMASH.png Deadly Chop After a short preparation, releases a heavy attack damaging the target 609, and reducing their resistances by 48 for 8s.
35 0.5s Melee 2s
AXEBOOST.png Adrenaline Boost Increases your move speed by 40%, and damage by 20%, for 5s.
7 Instant Self 3s
BATTLEFRENZY.png Battle Frenzy Increases your movement and attack speed by 25%, and makes you immune to any movement impairing effects for 4s. Does not make you immune to forced movement effects, like knockbacks.
28 Instant Self 15s
INNERBLEEDING.png Internal Bleeding Swing your weapon around you, dealing 205 damage to all enemies in a 6m radius. The hits cause internal bleeding, which deals 77 damage per second while an effected enemy is moving. The bleeding lasts for 8s.
28 Instant Self 15s

Third Slot Ability

E Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
AXEWHIRLWIND2.png Whirlwind Vapiric Strike

You spin around like a whirlwind for 5s, dealing 140 physical damage every 0.5s to all enemies in a 5m radius. While channeling, your move speed is increased by 20%.

74 Channeled Self 20s

Passive Abilities

Passive Slot
Image Name Description
DEEPCUTS.png Deep Cuts Every 4 normal attacks, you inflict a bleeding effect on the enemy. This deals an additional 58 damage per second for 1.5s
LIFELEECH.png Life Leech Every normal attack, you restore 12 HP
INCREASEDDEFENCE.png Increased Defence Every 5 normal attacks, your resistances are increased by 88 for 2s
PASSIVE SPELLPOWER CHANCE AXE.png Aggressive Rush Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased by 8% for 3s