Grizzly Bear

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The Grizzly Bear is the monthly reward for completing the March Adventurer's Challenge by reaching 600.000 Challenge points in March.

Image Name Description
Grizzly Bear Adventurer's Challenge Reward - A strong animal that can easily carry a lot of weight. Its mighty presence alone strikes fear in any attackers.
Hitpoints: 1770
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Armor: +321
Magical Resistance: +321
CC Resistance: +236
Max Load: +2146kg
Mount Abilities
Intimidating Aura Create a 11m aura around you that lasts for 8s. Enemies inside this aura will do 60% less damage

Energy Cost: 24

Cast time: toggle

Range: self

Cooldown: 1m 00s

Rush Condition: Activates when you take damage.

Effect: Your move speed is increased by 80% for 4s.

Cooldown: 1m 30s