GvG Mechanics

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--- this is a WIP article about the GvG mechanics ---

(just brainstorming bullet points so far, needs to be converted to real text)

  • 5vs5 moba-style battles, full loot rules, IP cap in red, no IP cap in black
  • gvg attacks can be launched from warcamps (when, how, cost)
    • when - unlock at EU timer ( 18UTC ) or NA timer ( ?? UTC )
    • how - guilds right
    • costs around 1M4 to launch, most reimbursed if 1 point is taken during the fight
  • gvg attacks can be launched from territorries (whe, how, cost)
    • gvg can be launched any time from neighbouring territories
    • there is a time limit for the next day attack ( i'm not sure when, need to check out )
    • cost - ?
  • gear that can be used in those fights is in inventory or in battle chests
    • recommended to organise your gear in your battle chest beforehand ( split stacks, set up spells)
  • fights happen at gvg timer-slot
    • first fight at first hour
    • additional attacks on same plot happens 1h after the other
  • sign-up for the gvg
    • anyone in the guild can sign up to gvg
    • guild/alliance mates can be invited by who has rights
    • people signed up can be removed by who has rights
  • teleported to gvg fight
    • when attacking you can be on both the attacking and the attacked territory, you will be teleported
    • when attacked you NEED to only be on the defending territory
  • way to train: scrims (guide: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/86776-GvG-Training-Battles-A-Quick-How-To-Guide/)
  • gvg-fight mechanics (150 points, death worth x points, control stones, timers, capture point values etc.)
  • counter attack & retaliate mechanics (lose if more than x points left, defender can retaliate 15m later, auto launch)
    • more than 100 points win on defense triggers a counter-attack on attacking territory 30 mins after
    • when you loose a territory and you have a neighboring territory OR a warcamp still available on the same map and the same timer you can retaliate
      • retaliate happens 1h or 2h afters dependings on how late you launch it

-- more (still in the process of collecting infos & structue)