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* GvG Season Start: June 23, 2018
* GvG Season Start: June 23, 2018
* GvG Season End: September 15, 2018
* GvG Season End: September 15, 2018
* [https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/90047-UPDATED-GvG-Season-3-Schedule/ GvG Season Rules]
* [[albiononline_en:news/team-casualty-takes-gvg-season-3|GvG Season Highlights]]
* [[albiononline_en:news/team-casualty-takes-gvg-season-3|GvG Season Highlights]]
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| style=" text-align:center;" |152,280
| style=" text-align:center;" |152,280
== '''GvG Season Rules''' ==
1. Siphoning Mages affecting GvG Battles
The amount Siphoning Mages who are active during the 1 hour before a Prime Time in the Territory the Battle occurs will now affect GvG Battles.
* For every 8 minutes a Mage is active the Team will receive a Buff similar to the Defender Bonus of 0,08%.
* This Bonus can, therefore, stack up to a maximum of 2,4%.
* The bonus will be active in all GvG Battles in the Territory
''This means both teams can now have their own buff based on the total time their Mages have been active during the 1 hour before the prime time of the Territory. As a result, more players can contribute to the outcome of a GvG battle and support their team by placing Mages and killing the ones of the enemy.''
This GvG buff for owning mages prior to a GvG was removed for both attackers and defenders midway through the season with the Lancelot Mid-Season Patch on May 2nd.
2. Siphoning Mages do not reward Seasonal Points to the Guild of the player who made the killing blow during Season 3.
3. A castle only scores Seasonal Points once per day at the start of its Prime Time during Season 3.  The amount of points earned per castle is 3x that of the territory in its zone (IE Anglia Castle earns 720 points for the guild who controls it at the start of its Prime Time).
4. Points earned per territory were adjusted for Season 3 to make holding Mercia a slightly less dominant winning strategy, while at the same time increasing the value of raiding Siphoning Mages in Anglia.:
{| class="wikitable"
!Territory Type
!Daily Points Earned
|[[Red Zone]]
|96 Points
|240 Points
|288 Points
|336 Points
5. Siphoning Mages spawned dynamically (1.5h, 2h, 3h, 6h) until the maximum of four is present.

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GvG Season Overview

GvG Season Rankings

Guild Name Final Score
Team Casualty 512,370
Money Guild 441,996
The Fleet 277,204
Crimson Imperium Reborn 267,164
Hammer and Sickle 207,858
Blue Army 180,732
Say My Metatrone 159,600
Red Army v2 152,280