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[[Category:GvG Season]]
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General Information

This new season brings major changes and updates to guild warfare in Albion, including Territory Point/Energy Storage, Season Points from Elite Enemies, and optimizations to the Crystal League.

Season 9 Schedule and Changes

GVG Season Highlights

Season Schedule

Season 9 follows a similar schedule to past seasons, with an Invasion Day kickoff and two midseason resets:

  • May 16: Invasion Day, start of season
  • June 13: Invasion Day #2, all territories reset
  • July 11: Invasion Day #3, all territories reset, scores doubled
  • August 10: Season ends

Season Rankings

Guild Name Rank Final Score
Elevate 1st 873,976
Bloco de Rua 2nd 530,010
RANG 3rd 476,640
Last Warn 4th 393,606
Black 0rder 5th 315,680

Bracket Rewards

Rank Requirement

(season points)

Avatar Border Avatar New Mount
Crystal 240000 Crystal Rank

(+all lower borders)

Season 9 Avatar Crystal Ancient Ent
Gold 75000 Gold Rank

(+all lower borders)

Gold Ancient Ent
Silver 20000 Silver Rank

(+all lower borders)

Silver Ancient Ent
Bronze 5000 Bronze Rank

(+all lower borders)

Iron 1000 Iron Rank

Additional Top 5 Rewards

Rank Requirement Avatar Border Fame Buff

(Gathering & PvE)

Additional Bonus Chest Furniture Item Statue in Conqueror's Hall
1st 1st place 1st Place 5% (90 days) Crystal Battle Mount Chest

(contains random old BM)

Copy of the conqueror's hall statue as placeable furniture 1st spot statue for the hall (the guild chooses the design)
2nd 2nd place 2nd Place 4% (90 days) Gold Battle Mount Chest

(contains random old BM)

Copy of the conqueror's hall statue as placeable furniture 2nd spot statue for the hall
3rd 3rd place 3rd Place 3% (90 days) Silver Battle Mount Chest

(contains random old BM)

Copy of the conqueror's hall statue as placeable furniture 3rd spot statue for the hall
4th 4th place 2% (90 days) Bronze Battle Mount Chest

(contains random old BM)

5th 5th place 1% (90 days)

GVG Seasons

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
3 March 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 15 (Season 12 Patch)
  • Starting Points per Team: 200 → 250
  • Point value per Player Kill: 1 → 2
  • Added a new level between level 1 and 2 so there are now 3 levels of daily matches
  • All levels above 2 are moved up a level (e.g. old level 4 → new level 5); highest match level is now 7
  • Rewards and token prices have been adjusted
27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 2Visit Conquerors' Hall in all major Royal Continent cities to see the new statue honoring season winners Elevate. The statue appears both at the entryway and inside the hall, and also honors second- and third-place winners Bloco de Rua and RANG.
5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3Season Points and Siphoned Energy generated by farm and resource territories are now split into two parts, in a ratio based on the zone's proximity to the center of the Outlands. Here's how it works:
  • One part is stored locally in the territory
  • The other part is directly transferred, once per day, to the guild currently holding the territory
  • The accumulated points and energy are paid out on specific dates to the owning guild, as follows:
    • The entire accumulated points and energy are paid out directly at three specific dates to whichever guild holds the territory at that point
    • These dates correspond to the two territory reset days and the day territory scoring ends
    • For Season 9, these dates are: June 13, July 11, and August 8
  • Additionally, if the territory is conquered, the new owner immediately seizes 20% of all stored energy and another 20% is destroyed
  • Giving up the territory, for instance to transfer the territory to an ally, will also destroy 20% of the stored points and energy
5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3Veteran Bosses (found in static open-world dungeons) and World Bosses in the Outlands now give Season Points. These bosses give the following base Season Point amounts when defeated:
  • Tier 5: Veteran Boss - 3 points
  • Tier 6: Veteran Boss - 4 points
  • Tier 7: Veteran Boss - 4 points / World Boss - 40 points
  • Tier 8: Veteran Boss - 5 points / World Boss - 50 points
  • You will earn more Season Points the closer you are to the center of the Outlands, with a maximum of up to 6x the base amount.