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General Information

Hammers are Normal Hammers with a strong focus on continuously hitting enemies at melee range, with a broad set of utility abilities to assist in doing so.


Item Tier
Journeyman's Hammer 3
Adept's Hammer 4
Expert's Hammer 5
Master's Hammer 6
Grandmaster's Hammer 7
Elder's Hammer 8

First Slot Abilities

Q Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Bash Knee Instantly slows the target enemy by 30% for 5.56s, and deals 155 Physical Damage.
8 Instant Melee 3s
Threatening Strike An attack that increases your generated threat for 3s and deals 305 damage.
15 Instant Melee 3s
Iron Breaker Slams the hammer into the ground in front of the caster. Reduces resistances by 43 for 5s and deals 235 Physical Damage to all enemies in a 3m radius.
15 Instant Melee 5s