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Hammers are Crowd Controlling (CC) weapons unlocked with the Hammer fighter Skill. Generally used by Tanks.

All numbers are taken from items with an Item Power of 1060.

Shared Abilities

As with all weapons, skills in the Q, W, and Passive slots are shared within a weapon family.

Q Slot

Icon Ability Minimum


Bash Knee 1 Instantly slows the target enemy for 32% for 4.5s, and also deals 169 Physical damage.
Threatening Strike 1 An attack that increases your generated threat for 3s, and deals 305 damage.
Iron Breaker 70 Slams the hammer in the ground in front of the caster. Reduces resistances by 34 for 5s and deals 235 physical damage to all enemies in a 3m radius.

W Slot

Icon Ability Minimum


Heavy Cleave 1 Unleashes a heavy attack that deals 828 damage to all enemies in front of you.
Slowing Charge 3 Dash to a ground target destination. While you are dashing, you will slow all enemies on your way by 50% for 4.5s.
Power Geyser 15 After a short delay, a 3m radius Power Geyser will break through at the desired ground target. The geyser knocks all enemies into the air, and knocks group members 8m away. Deals 168 magical damage to enemies.
Knockout 40 Attacks target's head, striking for 173 damage, and putting the target to sleep. The sleep breaks on damage.


Icon Ability Minimum


Stunning Strike 1 Every 5 normal attacks, your attack stuns the enemy for 0.7s.
Energetic 6 Every normal attack, you restore 5 energy.
Life Leech 20 Every normal attack, your restore 12 HP.
Dreadladen Fighting 50 Every 4 normal attacks, your Crowd Control effects are increased by 50% for 2s.

E Slot Abilities By Weapon

Weapon Icon Ability Description
Hammer Earth Shatter Shatters the earth, dealing 155 damage to all enemies in a 5.5m radius around the caster, and stunning them for 3s.
Great Hammer Tackle Rush towards a target destination, ramming away any enemies on your way, dealing them 222 damage and stunning them for 3.5s.
Polehammer Groundbreaker Split the earth in front of you. Stuns every enemy directly for 4.5s, and all enemies in close proximity take 237 damage.
Tombhammer Grasp of the Undead Send a giant Undead Hand out in front of you. On hit, the enemy and all enemies in close proximity will be rooted for 7s, and receive 247 damage.
Forge Hammers Giant Steps Makes you huge and resilient, slowing all enemies in a 5m radius by 35%. Increases your Armor by 171 and auto-attack damage by 135%, for 10s (this effect can't be purged).
Grovekeeper Ground Pound After a short delay, you will jump to a ground target location. On impact, all enemies in a 6m radius are stunned for 5s and take 299 physical damage. Each enemy hit will also increase your resistances for 72 for 6s (stacks up to 3 times).


Icon Hammer Damage DPS Resiliance Penetration Max HP HP Regen Bonus
Hammer 114 91 30% +371 +20%
Great Hammer 150 100 30% +371 +20%
Polehammer 150 100 30% +371 +20%
Tombhammer 150 100 30% +371 +20%
Forge Hammers 124 99 50% +371 +20%
Grovekeeper 147 99 50% +371 +20%


Materials needed are the same for each tier or each enchant

Icon Hammer Bar Cloth Artefact
Hammer 24 0 none
Great Hammer 20 12 none
Polehammer 20 12 none
Tombhammer 20 12 Adept's Ancient Hammer Head
Forge Hammers 20 12 Adept's Hellish Hammer Heads
Grovekeeper 20 12 Adept's Engraved Log