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How does it work

Hellgates are accessed via Hellgate Rithuals, which can be crafted at the Artifact Foundry, looted from mobs, or bought. Like Dungeon Maps, they only work in zones appropriate to the map type; the Hellgate then spawns several zones away to maintain the danger of reaching the entrance. However, hellgates spawn randomly so you may find them as the other dungeons.

Inside of these portals, players will find many small demons, demon bosses, and often, another team of players to fight.

There are three types of hellgates: 2v2, 5v5 and 10v10.

In each type there are two kinds:

  • non-lethal - where you don't die and pvp effect in knockdown (not full loot),
  • lethal - where pvp effect in death (full loot).


Entering a Hellgate requires the following:

  • Sufficient base item power, a new stat that only measures your gear's tier, quality, and the enchantment while ignoring Mastery and Specialization levels.
  • A party size matching the Hellgate (2, 5, or 10 players respectively)
  • Channelling to enter is no longer interrupted by damage, so preventing someone from entering is more challenging

Hellgates spawn

Hellagtes Rithual can be used to spawn certain hellgate type in the following zones:

  • Roads of Avalon (zones that allow Hideouts only): all types of maps can be used
  • Outlands: all types of maps can be used
  • Blue Zone (Tier 4): only 2v2 non-lethal Hellgate maps
  • Yellow Zone  (Tier 5): all non-lethal Hellgate maps
  • Red Zone (Tier 6+): all lethal Hellgate maps
  • Hellgate Maps can either be found as open-world drops or crafted at the Artifact Foundry
  • In 2v2 Hellgates only, players now have a debuff that reduces all Healing Cast by 10%

Special Mechanics

  • Once inside, you'll encounter one of ten Hellgate layouts at random. These contain a variety of different features: some have chokes, others have varying altitudes, and yet others are vast and open.
  • Matchmaking is based on the average Hellgate Infamy of your party. You have a chance of joining another party's Hellgate instantly; if no suitable opponent is found, you will enter your own Hellgate. The matchmaking criteria grow wider with time, until eventually another team enters your Hellgate or you enter theirs.
    • Hellgates use an Infamy system similar to Corrupted Dungeons, with higher Infamy increasing rewards earned
      • Each Hellgate type (2v2, 5v5, 10v10) has its own Infamy progression.
  • To complete a Hellgate, you can kill mobs until an Infamy threshold is reached. Depending on which Hellgate layout you are in, you will find different mobs and minibosses, and occasionally a boss with huge rewards. If another party enters the Hellgate, all mobs (other than those guarding chests or shrines) will disappear.
  • Once two teams are in the same map, a rising lava mechanic will occur:
    • After sufficient time passes, lava appears at the edge of the map and moves towards the center,
    • The first part of the lava is a warning zone that causes less damage, the second part of the lava causes drastically more damage,
    • To avoid a stun/CC combo, players will become immune to crowd control effects once they have been in the lava for a short time,
    • The lava pauses after enclosing a final area at the center,
    • If more time passes without a winner, the lava starts encroaching again until only one party is left,
    • Defeating an enemy team causes the lava to disappear and completes the Hellgate, allowing your party to continue onward or return to the Open World.

Completing Hellgate

After killing enough demons or defeating an opposing party, your Hellgate will be complete and a marker will appear on your minimap. If you kill an enemy party, you will be rewarded with an additional chest. Here you will find an exit portal and another entry gate. The portal will bring you back to the surface, while the gate lets you chain into a new Hellgate if you meet the same IP and group size requirements as before.

Item Power Caps

Hellgate Type Minimum IP requirement IP Cap IP Cap %
2v2 (Non-Lethal) 500 900 90%
2v2 (Lethal) 900 1100 80%
5v5 (Non-Lethal) 500 900 90%
5v5 (Lethal) 1000 1200 65%
10v10 (Non-Lethal) 500 900 90%
10v10 (Lethal) 1000 1200 65%

Example: A player with 1000 IP goes into a 2v2 Non-Lethal hellgate. Their IP gets reduced to 900 + (0.1 * 100) = 910 IP.

Other Details

Only 2 teams may enter a single Hellgate and the portals will be located in different maps. Hellgates have a very high chance of PvP and are unique in Albion because they are the only activity that is both PvP and PvE oriented. The final bosses in 10v10s, 5v5s and chests in 2v2s drop Black Market loot. The team that survives will not only get the loot from the boss but will also the gear of the opposing team.


Starting with Oberon Patch 5 and [1]

Greater Hell Gatekeepers (Guardian mobs) will Rage and Disembowel if only 3 players are attacking them after a certain amount of time. This will easily knockdown those attacking them. This is to groups of 3 and less to get inside of the Hellgates. ==Related Patch Notes==

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
14 September 2022Into the Fray Patch 6
  • 2v2 Hellgates:
    • Might Requirement Increase per Level: 5,000 → 4,000
  • 5v5 Hellgates:
    • Might Requirement Increase per Level: 7,000 → 5,000
8 June 2022Into the Fray Update
  • Added collision blocker behind chests in Hellgates to prevent dead players from blocking looting
2 March 2022Lands Awakened Patch 6Previously, immunity to certain debuffs was set up such that triggered effects intended to ignore immunity did not. This has been reworked to allow certain unique systems to overlook immunity. Examples:
  • When using a portal invisibility shrine after being force-dismounted, the immunity to Silence was canceling the Silence aspect of the shrine. Since shrines are triggered by the player, the Silence effect now ignores the immunity.
  • When the Smart Cluster Queue activated after a forced dismount, the Stun effect of being moved to a different zone was ignored. The Smart Cluster Queue Stun effect now always applies to players moved via this system.
2 March 2022Lands Awakened Patch 6Increased Might and Favor granted by various activities:
  • Might and Favor acquired through Gathering/Fishing (Outlands and Roads): + ~31%
  • Might and Favor acquired through PvE (Outlands and Roads): + ~23%
  • Might and Favor from Crystal Spiders: +5%
  • Might and Favor from Siphoning Mages: +10%
  • Might and Favor from winning in Corrupted Dungeons: +20%
  • Might and Favor from Hellgates: +15%
For a complete list of changes to Might and Favor, along with Might Levels, see this forum post: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/160789/
2 March 2022Lands Awakened Patch 6Hostile Dismount status now prevents looting of killed hostile players. Additionally, players must now dismount before looting a killed player. This change was made for two reasons:
  • To require a greater commitment to potential PvP while looting in combat situations, bringing greater risk to a previously easy reward
  • To prevent players from accidentally losing their shield bubble when clicking on a corpse, which is often used to bait less experienced players into being easily attackable
26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4
  • Fixed a rare Hellgate bug where teammates lost party status and became attackable
  • 28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9
    • Zones must still be overcrowded for a minimum duration before they can be skipped, which resets regularly
    • However, if the zone becomes uncrowded for a brief time it no longer resets the counter
    • Also reduced personal cooldown for zone skipping: 125s → 60s
    • Overall, this should reduce wait times for zone skipping
    30 June 2021Call to Arms Patch 8 (Season 13 Patch)
    • PvE Rewards in Lethal Hellgates increased:
      • 2v2: +10%
      • 5v5: +20%
      • 10v10: +30%
    • Elite Dungeons: Avalonian Mages are no longer visible on the minimap
    16 June 2021Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch)
    • Corpses can no longer be looted while a Hellgate PvP match is active
    • Deaths due to lava damage in Hellgates grant the other team PvP Fame
    31 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 5/6 & Hotfix 6.1
    • Hellgate minibosses now appear on the map so they can easily be identified and killed
    • Changed Hellgate boss icon to better distinguish it from minibosses
    • Increased radius at which Hellgate PvP chests despawn if player corpses are under or near it (chest must still be fully looted before despawn)
    6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)Hellgate rewards have been greatly increased, and Infamy for Hellgates has been adjusted to scale more quickly, as well as to max out at 50%. Nearly all players will also see an even greater bonus. A very small number of the highest Infamy players may see their bonus percentages slightly decrease, but even in these cases, overall loot will go up significantly.
    • Significantly increased rewards across all non-lethal and lethal Hellgate modes
    • A chest will now always appear at the portal after any Hellgate is completed, either by killing the opposing team or collecting sufficient Infamy from killing mobs
      • These chests can be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Legendary
    • Increased the value of Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary chests in Hellgates
    • Contents of PvP reward chests are now boosted by Infamy, as well as containing the value the non-PvP chest would have contained
    • All Cooldowns (including capes) now reset instantly for both teams when a Hellgate is invaded, and Health and energy are replenished as well
    • Removed delay in matchmaking for chained Hellgates to remove any benefit from waiting in a Hellgate instead of progressing for more loot
    • Knocked-down players on a winning team now get up immediately when the losing team is eliminated
    • Knocked-down players on a losing team are now shielded and get up immediately when removed from a Hellgate
    • Added additional bigger entrance to final combat area in "The Ritual" map to make it more challenging to defend
    19 April 2021Call to Arms Patch 3
  • Further reduced selectivity of Hellgate matchmaking in 10v10 Hellgates to broaden the range of eligible targets
  • Greatly improved matchmaking for successive chaining of all Hellgate types - this will particularly impact groups with high Infamy values
  • 10v10 Lethal Hellgate Changes:
    • Base IP requirement: 1100 → 1000
    • IP softcap: 1300 → 1200
    • IP multiplier above softcap: 0.5 → 0.35
    • Mob changes:
      • HP of mobs reduced; damage (auto attack / spells) reduced by about 20%
      • Auto attack damage of Demonic Predator reduced by about 31%
      • Damage of Demonic Berserker's "Raging Onslaught" reduced by about 37%
  • Fame from PvP Reward Chests (all Hellgates):
    • Players that defeat an opposing team in a Hellgate now receive additional Fame in their reward chest
    • The Fame amount is a reward for the time spent in PvP
    • The Fame rewarded scales with Premium, Satchels of Insight, and the zone type bonus, but not with Infamy
    • Fame is split evenly between all group members
  • Slightly adjusted loot tables for reward chests in 5v5 and 10v10 Lethal Hellgates
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Infamy bonus to not display
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Infamy from providing its full bonus in many cases
  • 31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Added Hellgate Infamy to player stats menu
    • Hellgates: decreased lava speed by 30%
    31 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Players entering a new Hellgate will now always receive a protection bubble
    25 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 1
    • Reduced selectivity of Hellgate matchmaking to provide a wider breadth of available matches to high infamy teams. (We'll continue to monitor the Hellgate matchmaking to find a balance between frequency and quality of matches.)
    • Lethal 10v10 Hellgate Entrance Base Item Power Requirement: 1200 → 1100
    • Duration that Hellgate entrances revealed by Hellgate Maps persist on world / zone map: 60 minutes → 20 minutes
    17 March 2021Call to Arms UpdateThe mechanics, appearance, and variety of Hellgates have been completely revamped:
    • 10v10 Hellgates have been added alongside the existing 2v2 and 5v5 Hellgates
    • Finding and entering a Hellgate has changed:
      • All sizes of Hellgate Entrance now have item power and group size requirements
      • Hellgates are now opened via Hellgate Maps, which can be used to reveal the Hellgate location in an adjoining zone, similar to Dungeon Maps:
        • Roads of Avalon (zones that allow Hideouts only): all types of maps can be used
        • Outlands: all types of maps can be used
        • Blue Zone (Tier 4): only 2v2 non-lethal Hellgate maps
        • Yellow Zone  (Tier 5): all non-lethal Hellgate maps
        • Red Zone (Tier 6+): all lethal Hellgate maps
      • Permanent Hellgate entrance locations in the open world have been removed (2v2 Hellgate entrances still spawn at random extremely rarely, but do not appear on zone maps)
      • Hellgate Maps can either be found as open-world drops or crafted at the Artifact Foundry
      • In 2v2 Hellgates only, players now have a debuff that reduces all Healing Cast by 10%
    • Hellgate interiors have been completely updated with 10 all-new designs, each with unique terrain, environmental/architectural features, and mob layouts
    • The ten Hellgate layouts exist for all group sizes and are selected at random, though some occur more rarely
    • A new "rising lava" mechanic forces PvP fights into the center of the zone after a certain amount of time
    • Hellgate mobs are more varied, and are based on the demonic enemies in Corrupted Dungeons
    • In addition to returning to the surface after completing a Hellgate, groups can now "chain" directly into a new Hellgate
    • Hellgates now use an Infamy system similar to Corrupted Dungeons, with higher Infamy increasing rewards earned
      • Each Hellgate type (2v2, 5v5, 10v10) has its own Infamy progression
    17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
  • Instanced areas (i.e. Hideouts) and tunnel zones are now included in the queue functionality, meaning players can now skip overcrowded zones outside their Hideouts and can skip into tunnel zones
  • Cluster Skipping is now possible when relogging into an overcrowded cluster
  • The Smart Cluster Queue now also activates in all Royal Continent zones:
    • This change makes large-scale Faction Warfare battles possible on the Royal Continent
    • Each Faction counts as its own contingent
    • Cluster Access Priority settings do NOT impact Faction-flagged players
    • The queue assigns at least 50 spots per Faction, even if they are vastly outnumbered
    • 50 spots are also reserved for non-Faction-flagged players, to prevent Faction players from completely blocking zones for other players
  • Improved the UI for cluster skipping:
    • Now all available zones are immediately selectable
    • Opening the world map will no longer cancel cluster selection
    • The cluster selection screen now provides more info about the cluster:
      • Tier and danger level (i.e. red or yellow) of the target cluster
      • Distance to the selected cluster (i.e. how many zones will be jumped)
  • 2 February 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 13 (Balance Patch)Consumable items that commonly collect in large stacks can now be used in a single click via the new Use All Button in the item UI.
    • Stacks of Silver Bags will be consumed instantly and grant you the full amount of Silver
    • Tomes of Insight and chests use a channeled spell, meaning the items are still consumed individually and the channel can be canceled at any point.
    • The following items now have a "Use All" option:
      • All Silver Bags
      • All Tomes of Insight
      • All Reward Chests (will display an additional window showing accumulated loot): Adventurer's Challenge Chests, Crystal League Chests, etc.
    13 January 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 12Smart Cluster Queue
    • Updated deactivation conditions: the queue can now be deactivated in the middle of an update cycle if player numbers allow
    • Players will no longer be able to skip overcrowded clusters within the first 2 minutes of queue activation
    10 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 11
  • Skip Overcrowded Cluster Cooldown: 30s → 125s
  • 16 November 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 9
    • AoE Escalation:
      • 2 Targets = 8% → 5%
      • 3 Targets = 16% → 10%
      • 4 Targets = 24% → 15%
      • 5 Targets = 32% → 20%
      • 6 Targets = 40% → 25%
      • 7 Targets = 40% → 30%
      • 8 Targets = 40% → 35%
      • 9+ Targets: remains at 40%
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1The following changes give players more control over how they set up armies for the queue. Player sorting is now done on a per-party level, meaning the system will attempt to keep existing parties together:
    • Party leaders can now assign a Party Cluster Access Priority for their party as well as for individual members in the Cluster Access Priority UI (accessed via the party leader's player context menu)
    • Priority Access determines the order in which parties will enter an overcrowded cluster
    • This gives alliances more control over which forces are moved into the cluster and keeps party structures intact
    • The Preferred Cluster Access Guild Right has been removed
    • The queue now moves players from a single contingent either in or out during a given cycle, so players of the same contingent no longer replace each other
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1New Disarray parameters ensure the ZvZ meta plays out in a similar way across a wide range of fight sizes, while still offering smaller groups protection from large armies:
    • Disarray is no longer a flat debuff
    • Instead, it reduces damage output and CC Duration when attacking targets with a lower Disarray level
    • Against targets with the same or higher Disarray level, Disarray has no impact on your stats
    • Damage reduction depends on the difference of Disarray levels between attacker and target - the higher the difference, the greater the effect
    • Increased Disarray player cap; debuff now caps at Level 50 for 450 players
    21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1
  • AoE Escalation:
    • Escalation now increases by 8% for each additional target hit and caps at 40% extra damage:
      • 2 Targets hit = 8%
      • 3 Targets hit = 16%
      • 4 Targets hit = 24%
      • 5 Targets hit = 32%
      • 6+ Targets hit = 40%
  • 27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 2
    • Increased overall spawn numbers for Hellgates (2v2 and 5v5) to compensate for increased numbers of Hellgate spawn areas due to Roads of Avalon
    27 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 2Disarray (zerg debuff) curve is flattened further and now hard caps at 30% (150 or more players). Example values:
    • 50 Players: Disarray Strength 18%
    • 100 Players: Disarray Strength 28%
    • 150 Players: Disarray Strength: 30% (hard cap)
    19 August 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 1
  • Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates now allow swapping of food and potions
  • A minimum distance is now enforced between the owner of a dungeon and an invader's chosen spawn location
  • Hunter difficulty IP hardcap has been changed to a softcap (10% effective IP over 900) as intended
  • Decreased HP of Bewildered Heretic Brawler over all tiers by 7%:
    • Tier 5: 1519 → 1413
    • Tier 6: 1806 → 1680
    • Tier 7: 2253 → 2097
  • 12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • AoE Escalation max bonus: 100% → 70%
    • Maximum Ability Damage Increase from buffs: +150% → +100%
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • Hellgates: Lava Bomb is now categorized as a Damage spell (previously CC) - this may slightly alter how some builds are affected by the ability. Creatures that use this ability:
      • Veteran Fiendish Overlord
      • Veteran Vicious Overlord
      • Vicious Overlord
      • Sadistic Overlord
    12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • Adjusted Hellgate matchmaking settings to make them more resistant to manipulation
    15 July 2020Queen Patch 16
    • Damage taken from Hellgate Warden and Gatekeeper spells can no longer be reflected
    4 June 2020Queen Patch 13 and Hotfix 13.1Players waiting to enter a cluster via the Smart Cluster Queue now also add to the total Disarray headcount in the cluster for which they are queueing. For example:
    • Alliance X has 100 players in Cluster A
    • Alliance X also has 80 players in Cluster B, 50 of whom are waiting to enter Cluster A via the Smart Cluster Queue
    • All Alliance X players in Cluster A would receive a Disarray debuff based on 150 players (100 in cluster + 50 in queue)
    • All Alliance X players in Cluster B would receive a Disarray debuff based only on the 80 players in the cluster
    4 June 2020Queen Patch 13 and Hotfix 13.1Additionally, the effects of Disarray, AKA the zerg debuff, no longer accelerate as quickly with higher player numbers. The new debuff thresholds can be seen in the chart below.

    As a reminder, the following 3 attributes are affected by the debuff:

    • Bonus Damage vs. Players
    • CC Duration vs. Players
    • Received Healing
    5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3
  • Item durability loss now scales based on the number of players who attacked the victim. This change will only apply in areas where player vs player combat is lethal, and does not apply in the following cases:
    • When all players involved in the kill are faction flagged
    • During Crystal League Battles
    • In Hellgates
  • The chart below shows the increase in durability loss per additional attacker. (Note: items with durability loss are not destroyed, but are also not usable until they are repaired.)
  • 5 May 2020Queen Patch 11 (Season 9 Patch) and Hotfixes 11.1, 11.2, 11.3The following adjustments affect guilds and alliances that own 10 or more territories in the first case, and 20 or more in the second.

    Siphoned Energy Drain:

    The penalty still starts at 10 Territories, but now increases in increments of 3%:

    • 10 Territories - 3% less total Siphoned Energy
    • 11 Territories - 6% less total Siphoned Energy
    • 12 Territories - 9% less total Siphoned Energy, etc.

    Fame and Silver Penalty:

    The penalty now starts at 20 Territories and increases by 1% per additional territory:

    • 20 Territories - 1% reduction in Silver and Fame earned from open-world PvE and activities
    • 21 Territories - 2% Penalty
    • 22 Territories - 3% Penalty, etc.
    11 March 2020Queen Patch 7Following up on the community’s feedback, we have reworked the loot in randomized dungeon chests according to the following principles:
    • T6 chests have been largely reverted to the status that they had on Queen’s launch as these chests were very popular with the player base.
    • We have used the old T6 chest balancing as a baseline and set up T7 and T8 chests as strictly better versions of them.
    • T7 chests no longer contain T4 loot and have higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests
    • T8 chests no longer contain T4 and T5 loot, and have much higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests.
    We hope that these changes will significantly improve the loot experience in the game.
    11 March 2020Queen Patch 7
    • All players within an alliance will receive reduced Silver and Fame income if the alliance holds 10 or more territories (excluding Castles and Castle Outposts)
    • This also applies to players in guilds without an alliance, if their guild holds 10 or more territories
    • This penalty applies to all Fame gained from gathering and PvE and all Silver gained from mob drops and downed players
    • This penalty starts at 1% with the 10th territory and increases by 1% per additional territory
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Introduced a feature that will delay players from leaving a Hideout set as "Home" after respawning there multiple times. The effect has a 10-minute cooldown, meaning after 10 minutes without dying and respawning in a Hideout the counter returns to zero.

    Time penalties:

    • First Respawn: no penalty
    • Second Respawn: 30 seconds
    • Third Respawn: 60 seconds
    • Fourth Respawn: 120 seconds
    • Fifth Respawn or more: 240 seconds
    This is intended to prevent overuse of repeated-suicide defense strategies when defending Hideouts.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Items without a durability stat will no longer be destroyed upon knockdown.

    Previously, the following behavior occurred:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss
    • Items without durability: 10% destruction chance

    After Patch 6:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss (no change)
    • Items without durability: immune to destruction

    This change is intended to help introduce newer players to combat without item loss (i.e. in yellow zones), and to avoid situations where players were confused about what happened to items. It should also improve the overall loot experience in Elite Dungeons, where a large percent of loot was previously destroyed by being knocked down repeatedly.

    Item destruction rate and durability loss rate upon death (killed by another player, suicide, etc.) are not affected by this change.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
    • Patch 5 introduced a 3-day cooldown for leaving and rejoining the same alliance. (This existed alongside the 7-day cooldown on joining a new alliance that was already in the game.)
    • With today's patch, the duration of this cooldown has been updated:
      • Alliance Rejoin Cooldown: 3 Days → 7 Days
    26 February 2020Queen Patch 5
    • Minimum Item Power: 800 → 700
    • This reduces the Smart Cluster Queue's emphasis on high IP gear
    12 February 2020Queen Patch 3Items and Silver gained are now tracked separately in the combat log:
    • "Loot" channel now only displays items when picked up
    • New "Silver" channel created
    • Both can be enabled or disabled as desired
    5 February 2020Queen Patch 2Increased the availability of Hellgates in the Outlands as follows:
    • Outlands Greater (5v5) Hellgate:
      • Gatekeeper Respawn time: 15min → 10min
      • Max number of Spawns per cycle: 80 → 100
    • Outlands Lesser (2v2) Hellgate:
      • Gatekeeper Respawn time: 8min → 6min
      • Max number of Spawns per cycle: 80 → 100
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateItem Power progression has been streamlined and simplified, and now increases in a linear manner. More details: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/121085

    In addition, Mastery Modifiers have been added to the Mastery Bonuses of high-tier equipment:

    • 5% on all T5 items
    • 10% on all T6 items
    • 15% on all T7 items
    • 20% on all T8 items

    This bonus applies to all Armors, Weapons, and Offhands, and includes IP bonuses from basic Specializations as well as advanced Masteries. Enchanted gear will be calculated at the level of its base tier, i.e. T5.0 through T5.3 all receive the same 5% bonus.

    Sample case: if you get an additional 100 IP from your Destiny Board Masteries for swords, using a Tier 6.2 Sword will give you a 10% additional boost to that Mastery bonus, for a total bonus of 110 IP.
    20 January 2020Queen Update
    • Adding resources to buildings during construction/repair/upgrading is now 5x faster and you can add up to 999 resources in one action (previously 30)
    • Cost of overcharge has increased from 1 Siphoned Energy to 10 to make overcharging a less clear choice on low-tier items
    • Global discount reference rate adjusted to match current gold market economy
    • Zerg debuff ("Disarray") no longer applies in red and yellow zones
    • The number of fragments needed to enchant items has been doubled as enchanting with fragments was too cheap and undermined crafting with enchanted resources
    • Trash icon updated for better visibility while looting
    • Changed main tutorial area name from "Hideout" to "Cove" to avoid confusion with the new Hideout feature
    • Changed Marketplace category for several items:
      • Dungeon Maps: Consumables/Maps
      • Chopped Fish: Products/Cooked
      • Undead, Keeper, and Morgana Mount Upgrades: Materials/Other
      • Avalonian and Siphoned Energy: Materials/Other
    31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1Loot Table Updates
    • Castle chests can now drop Level 1 Artifacts
    • Treasure sites (chests/lockers) can now drop Level 2 and 3 Artifacts
    31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1Access Rights
    • Alliance members can now be given similar access rights to chests, islands, etc. as guild members
    • Access rights can now be copy-pasted from one object to another
    • "Withdrawal from Account" rights have been split as follows:
      • Withdrawal from Silver Account
      • Withdrawal from Energy Account
    • "Attack Territory" rights have been split as follows:
      • Attack Territory
      • Pacify Warcamp (new)
    • "Manage Banks" rights have been split as follows:
      • Manage Banks
      • View Chest Logs (new)
    • Co-Owners of Banks tabs can now view the tab's logs
    10 July 2019Percival Update
  • Increased the Fame reward from chests in 2v2 Hellgates
  • 10 July 2019Percival Update
    • Disabled furniture placement on entrances to random dungeons, as well as some small dungeon entrances that were missed with the last patch
    19 June 2019Oberon Patch 9
    • To better reward the winning team in a Hellgate, Fame was shifted from Trapped Demons (- 40% previous Fame) to the Sadistic Overlord (+ 100% previous Fame). The overall Fame earned in a Hellgate stays roughly the same.
    ... further results

    Based on hellgate rework.