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Albion Online Wiki: Style Guide

(aka - how things should look)

The purpose of the Style Guide is to collect the agreed upon formatting, templates, and other style information in one place to serve as a reference for all contributors to the wiki. This page is still under construction; if you have any suggestions for how to approach designing the wiki, please go for it and let us know!


For consistency, all wiki pages should use the American spelling of words rather than British spellings. This is especially important for things that affect multiple pages, such as Category names.

Formatting Conventions

Section Titles

Use title formatting (the dropdown menu in the visual editor) to organize content on a page into sections. Use Page Title to clearly denote the subject of the page, Heading 1 for the page's main topics, and Subsection 1 for any subtopics that fall under the main ones. Try to avoid using anything smaller than Subsection 1, as it makes it more difficult for a reader to see and understand the hierarchy.

Section titles should always use Title Case (every word capitalized, except for short connector words like "and" or "or").

See the section titles on this page for examples.

First Mention

The first mention of the article title should be formatted bold, such as in the introduction of this page.

Capitalizing Words

Depending on the use of a word in the page context, some words should always be capitalized, while others should not. The general rule is that names of game-specific features should be capitalized, while more generic terms should not be capitalized.

  • Capitalized: Fame, Silver, Gold, Crafting Focus, Specific Tier (Tier 4, T6, etc) Faction Warfare, GvG Season, Premium Status, specific item or ability names (e.g., Rampant Staff, Sunder Armor, Adept's Pickaxe)
  • Not capitalized: faction, guild, alliance, tier (general mention), faction points, faction standing, generic item types (i.e. nature staffs, dagger abilities, pickaxes)

If a specific case is unclear, contact the Editors via the official forums or the #wiki-discussion channel of the Discord server

Item and Ability Icons

This wiki uses the special <aoitem> and <aospell> tags to display icons for specific items or abilities. Note that these tags can only be used in the SOURCE editor, as they will not be interpreted properly in the visual editor.

The basic format for these tags is:

  • <aoitem size="100">Item Name</aoitem>
  • <aospell size="100">Ability Name</aospell>

Item Name and Ability Name are case sensitive, and the spelling must be exactly correct, or the icon will not be found.

For more information, including usage, see Custom AO Editor Tags.

Item and Ability Power Values

Because spells and item damage vary depending on the tier and specific Item Power, an Item Power​ value of 1060 (equivalent to Tier 8.0 non-artifact equipment) is used when displaying damage, healing, and cooldowns on all pages of the Wiki.