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General Information

Hideouts were introduced in Albion Online with the Queen Update in January 2020. They are structures that guilds may place in the Outlands.

  • The Hideout Construction Kit may be crafted at a Toolmaker or purchased from the Market Place
  • With the introduction of Hideouts, guilds may freely place entrances to underground bases in the open-world Black zones
  • After the construction phase, the Hideouts becomes a powerful, autonomous "home base" with a guild bank and building spaces
  • Hideouts may also be upgraded to include a Market Place, Artifact Forge or a Guild Hall
  • Hideouts may be used as respawn points
  • To view the owner and status of a Hideout, click on the building information
  • Hideout access rights default to Guild. Additional access rights are Private, Public, and Custom
  • A maximum of 1 defense point can be lost per battle, and if the defenders manage to prevent their Hideout from losing a defense point in any given battle, all defense points are restored and any would-be attacker will have to start over the next day
  • If all defense points are lost, the Hideout will be destroyed, including all contents of the Hideout, including the guild bank. When this happens, player's personal banks are transferred to the closest public bank. It takes four weeks for the items in the player's personal bank to become claimable and claiming them requires a fee
  • A Tribute may be paid by to an aggressor a guild would prefer not to fight
  • The Tribute system allows players to set a silver sum transferred daily to the guild controlling the local watchtower

Hideout Placement

In order to place Hideouts, players must meet specific requirements. Placing the Hideout takes 15 seconds and is interrupted if the player takes damage or performs any other actions. Additionally, Hideouts do have limitations.

  • The player placing a Hideout must be in a guild and have the "Manage Hideout" permission
  • Hideouts may only be placed in regions that feature a watchtower territory in the Outlands
  • Only one Hideout per guild per cluster is permitted
  • There is a Global limit of six Hideouts per guild and only one Hideout per region
  • Hideouts cannot be placed too close to numerous other game-critical objects, including other Hideouts. They must be at least 180 meters apart from another Hideout
  • Hideouts may only be placed during the first four hours of the region's battle time
  • Hideouts must be placed on even ground and there are no collisions with other objects
  • To place the Hideout Construction Kit, click on the kit in inventory and select "Place"
  • The Kit description will reflect a green checkmark next to each placement rule when it has been met

Hideout Placement Restrictions

Hideouts may be placed only if they are not within the following parameters:

  • 220 meters of the center of a major mob encampment
  • 220 meters of the center of a major resource landmark
  • 200 meters of a cluster entrance
  • 110 meters of a castle
  • 110 meters of a Watchtower territory
  • 110 meters of a Treasure Site or Treasure Chest
  • 110 meters of a Sepulcher of Magic
  • 110 meters of a medium mob encampment
  • 80 meters of a Siege Camp
  • 50 meters of a Castle Outpost
  • 40 meters of a Hellgate spawn position

Hideout Phases

There are three construction phases once a Hideout is placed. Once Phase 3 is completed, the Hideout will be established and will gain a maximum of 5 Defender Points. The Hideout is invulnerable until the next attack window.

  • Phase 1: lasts 20 minutes, can be attacked with a Demolition Hammer
  • Phase 2: lasts 23 hours, can not be attacked
  • Phase 3: lasts 20 minutes, can be attacked with a Demolition Hammer

Hideout Upgrades

Once construction Phase 3 has completed, Hideouts may be upgraded to level 3. The owner will receive an in-game mail when an upgrade is initiated and when it is completed. Once an upgrade completes, players inside will be transported outside the Hideout. Nutrition is required for Hideout upkeep. Nutrition at 100% will last for 30 days.

  • Upgrade Level 1: +2 Defender Points, 5 Building Spots, player Bank, Guild Vault, and Repair Station
  • Upgrade Level 2: +2 Defender Points, Increased Durability, local Market Place, Farming Merchant, and building spaces increased to a total of 25. Upgrade requires 2 days to complete and increases daily upkeep cost by 5,000 nutrition
  • Upgrade Level 3: +1 Defender Points, Increased Durability, Energy Manipulator, Artifact Forge, Expedition Agent, Vanity Merchant, and 6 additional building spaces (including one space for a Guild Hall). Upgrade requires 4 days to complete and increases daily upkeep cost by 5,000 nutrition

Hideout Construction Materials

Level 1
Item Name Quantity
Silver 10,000,000
Siphoned Energy 500
Limestone Block 3,000
Sandstone Block 2,000
Travertine Block 800
Granite Block 400
Slate Block 200
Level 2
Item Name Quantity
Silver 20,000,000
Siphoned Energy 1,000
Rough Logs 1,250
Rough Stone 125
Slate Block 500
Level 3
Item Name Quantity
Silver 80,000,000
Siphoned Energy 4,000
Rough Logs 5,000
Rough Stone 500
Slate Block 2,000


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