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General Information

The Hunter's Lodge is an Military Building that allows a player to craft Leather Armor and Ranged Weapons

A Hunter's Lodge may be located in the main cities, Islands or Home Territories.

A Hunter's Lodge outside of Starter Cities are owned by players and are likely to have a usage fee associated with them

By using a Hunter's Lodge in the main city, the player may receive a material return if they use Focus. Players will not receive a material return on an Island.

The Hunter's Lodge will need to be fed. Every building has a favorite food and when you use this food on the Hunter's Lodge, the nutrition is doubled

Hunter's Lodge's favorite food is Potato Salad

The building itself may be demolished using the Demolish option in the building menu. Player receives a portion of the materials in return

Building Upgrade Materials

Name Tier Cost Material 1 Cost Material 2 Cost Material 3
Novice Hunter's Lodge 2 Rough Logs 50 Rough Stone 5 Limestone Block 300
Journeyman Hunter's Lodge 3 Rough Logs 100 Rough Stone 10 Sandstone Block 300
Adept Hunter's Lodge 4 Rough Logs 200 Rough Stone 20 Travertine Block 300
Expert Hunter's Lodge 5 Rough Logs 400 Rough Stone 40 Granite Block 300
Master Hunter's Lodge 6 Rough Logs 800 Rough Stone 80 Slate Block 300
Grandmaster Hunter's Lodge 7 Rough Logs 1300 Rough Stone 130 Basalt Block 300
Elder Hunter's Lodge 8 Rough Logs 3200 Rough Stone 320 Marble Block 300

Demolish Returns (Tier 8)

Quantity Item Name
5715 Rough Logs
572 Rough Stone
270 Limestone Block
270 Sandstone Block
270 Travertine Block
270 Granite Block
270 Slate Block
270 Basalt Block
270 Marble Block

Craftable Items - Tier 2 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons
Beginner's Mercenary Hood Beginner's Mercenary Jacket Beginner's Mercenary Shoes Novice's Bow
Novice's Mercenary Hood Novice's Mercenary Jacket Novice's Mercenary Shoes

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 3 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Journeyman's Mercenary Hood Journeyman's Mercenary Jacket Journeyman's Mercenary Shoes Journeyman's Bow Journeyman's Torch Journeyman's Quarterstaff
Journeyman's Nature Staff
Journeyman's Spear

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 4 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Adept's Assassin Hood Adept's Assassin Jacket Adept's Assassin Shoes Adept's Bow Adept's Cryptcandle Adept's Black Hands
Adept's Hellion Hood Adept's Hellion Jacket Adept's Hellion Shoes Adept's Bloodletter Adept's Leering Cane Adept's Black Monk Stave
Adept's Hood of Tenacity Adept's Jacket of Tenacity Adept's Shoes of Tenacity Adept's Dagger Adept's Mistcaller Adept's Blight Staff
Adept's Hunter Hood Adept's Hunter Jacket Adept's Hunter Shoes Adept's Daybreaker Adept's Sacred Scepter Adept's Bow of Badon
Adept's Mercenary Hood Adept's Mercenary Jacket Adept's Mercenary Shoes Adept's Druidic Staff Adept's Torch Adept's Bridled Fury
Adept's Royal Hood Adept's Royal Jacket Adept's Royal Shoes Adept's Heron Spear Adept's Claws
Adept's Specter Hood Adept's Specter Jacket Adept's Specter Shoes Adept's Ironroot Staff Adept's Dagger Pair
Adept's Stalker Hood Adept's Stalker Jacket Adept's Stalker Shoes Adept's Nature Staff Adept's Deathgivers
Adept's Spear Adept's Double Bladed Staff
Adept's Glaive
Adept's Grailseeker
Adept's Great Nature Staff
Adept's Iron-clad Staff
Adept's Longbow
Adept's Mistpiercer
Adept's Pike
Adept's Quarterstaff
Adept's Rampant Staff
Adept's Soulscythe
Adept's Spirithunter
Adept's Staff of Balance
Adept's Trinity Spear
Adept's Wailing Bow
Adept's Warbow
Adept's Whispering Bow
Adept's Wild Staff

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 5 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Expert's Assassin Hood Expert's Assassin Jacket Expert's Assassin Shoes Expert's Bow Expert's Cryptcandle Expert's Black Hands
Expert's Hellion Hood Expert's Hellion Jacket Expert's Hellion Shoes Expert's Bloodletter Expert's Leering Cane Expert's Black Monk Stave
Expert's Hood of Tenacity Expert's Jacket of Tenacity Expert's Shoes of Tenacity Expert's Dagger Expert's Mistcaller Expert's Blight Staff
Expert's Hunter Hood Expert's Hunter Jacket Expert's Hunter Shoes Expert's Daybreaker Expert's Sacred Scepter Expert's Bow of Badon
Expert's Mercenary Hood Expert's Mercenary Jacket Expert's Mercenary Shoes Expert's Druidic Staff Expert's Torch Expert's Bridled Fury
Expert's Royal Hood Expert's Royal Jacket Expert's Royal Shoes Expert's Heron Spear Expert's Claws
Expert's Specter Hood Expert's Specter Jacket Expert's Specter Shoes Expert's Ironroot Staff Expert's Dagger Pair
Expert's Stalker Hood Expert's Stalker Jacket Expert's Stalker Shoes Expert's Nature Staff Expert's Deathgivers
Expert's Spear Expert's Double Bladed Staff
Expert's Glaive
Expert's Grailseeker
Expert's Great Nature Staff
Expert's Iron-clad Staff
Expert's Longbow
Expert's Mistpiercer
Expert's Pike
Expert's Quarterstaff
Expert's Rampant Staff
Expert's Soulscythe
Expert's Spirithunter
Expert's Staff of Balance
Expert's Trinity Spear
Expert's Wailing Bow
Expert's Warbow
Expert's Whispering Bow
Expert's Wild Staff

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 6 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Master's Assassin Hood Master's Assassin Jacket Master's Assassin Shoes Master's Bow Master's Cryptcandle Master's Black Hands
Master's Hellion Hood Master's Hellion Jacket Master's Hellion Shoes Master's Bloodletter Master's Leering Cane Master's Black Monk Stave
Master's Hood of Tenacity Master's Jacket of Tenacity Master's Shoes of Tenacity Master's Dagger Master's Mistcaller Master's Blight Staff
Master's Hunter Hood Master's Hunter Jacket Master's Hunter Shoes Master's Daybreaker Master's Sacred Scepter Master's Bow of Badon
Master's Mercenary Hood Master's Mercenary Jacket Master's Mercenary Shoes Master's Druidic Staff Master's Torch Master's Bridled Fury
Master's Royal Hood Master's Royal Jacket Master's Royal Shoes Master's Heron Spear Master's Claws
Master's Specter Hood Master's Specter Jacket Master's Specter Shoes Master's Ironroot Staff Master's Dagger Pair
Master's Stalker Hood Master's Stalker Jacket Master's Stalker Shoes Master's Nature Staff Master's Deathgivers
Master's Spear Master's Double Bladed Staff
Master's Glaive
Master's Grailseeker
Master's Great Nature Staff
Master's Iron-clad Staff
Master's Longbow
Master's Mistpiercer
Master's Pike
Master's Quarterstaff
Master's Rampant Staff
Master's Soulscythe
Master's Spirithunter
Master's Staff of Balance
Master's Trinity Spear
Master's Wailing Bow
Master's Warbow
Master's Whispering Bow
Master's Wild Staff

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 7 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Grandmaster's Assassin Hood Grandmaster's Assassin Jacket Grandmaster's Assassin Shoes Grandmaster's Bow Grandmaster's Cryptcandle Grandmaster's Black Hands
Grandmaster's Hellion Hood Grandmaster's Hellion Jacket Grandmaster's Hellion Shoes Grandmaster's Bloodletter Grandmaster's Leering Cane Grandmaster's Black Monk Stave
Grandmaster's Hood of Tenacity Grandmaster's Jacket of Tenacity Grandmaster's Shoes of Tenacity Grandmaster's Dagger Grandmaster's Mistcaller Grandmaster's Blight Staff
Grandmaster's Hunter Hood Grandmaster's Hunter Jacket Grandmaster's Hunter Shoes Grandmaster's Daybreaker Grandmaster's Sacred Scepter Grandmaster's Bow of Badon
Grandmaster's Mercenary Hood Grandmaster's Mercenary Jacket Grandmaster's Mercenary Shoes Grandmaster's Druidic Staff Grandmaster's Torch Grandmaster's Bridled Fury
Grandmaster's Royal Hood Grandmaster's Royal Jacket Grandmaster's Royal Shoes Grandmaster's Heron Spear Grandmaster's Claws
Grandmaster's Specter Hood Grandmaster's Specter Jacket Grandmaster's Specter Shoes Grandmaster's Ironroot Staff Grandmaster's Dagger Pair
Grandmaster's Stalker Hood Grandmaster's Stalker Jacket Grandmaster's Stalker Shoes Grandmaster's Nature Staff Grandmaster's Deathgivers
Grandmaster's Spear Grandmaster's Double Bladed Staff
Grandmaster's Glaive
Grandmaster's Grailseeker
Grandmaster's Great Nature Staff
Grandmaster's Iron-clad Staff
Grandmaster's Longbow
Grandmaster's Mistpiercer
Grandmaster's Pike
Grandmaster's Quarterstaff
Grandmaster's Rampant Staff
Grandmaster's Soulscythe
Grandmaster's Spirithunter
Grandmaster's Staff of Balance
Grandmaster's Trinity Spear
Grandmaster's Wailing Bow
Grandmaster's Warbow
Grandmaster's Whispering Bow
Grandmaster's Wild Staff

Craftable Items - Upgrade to Tier 8 Hunter's Lodge

Leather Hoods Leather Jackets Leather Shoes Weapons (Main Hand) Weapons (Off-Hand) Weapons (Two-Handed)
Elder's Assassin Hood Elder's Assassin Jacket Elder's Assassin Shoes Elder's Bow Elder's Cryptcandle Elder's Black Hands
Elder's Hellion Hood Elder's Hellion Jacket Elder's Hellion Shoes Elder's Bloodletter Elder's Leering Cane Elder's Black Monk Stave
Elder's Hood of Tenacity Elder's Jacket of Tenacity Elder's Shoes of Tenacity Elder's Dagger Elder's Mistcaller Elder's Blight Staff
Elder's Hunter Hood Elder's Hunter Jacket Elder's Hunter Shoes Elder's Daybreaker Elder's Sacred Scepter Elder's Bow of Badon
Elder's Mercenary Hood Elder's Mercenary Jacket Elder's Mercenary Shoes Elder's Druidic Staff Elder's Torch Elder's Bridled Fury
Elder's Royal Hood Elder's Royal Jacket Elder's Royal Shoes Elder's Heron Spear Elder's Claws
Elder's Specter Hood Elder's Specter Jacket Elder's Specter Shoes Elder's Ironroot Staff Elder's Dagger Pair
Elder's Stalker Hood Elder's Stalker Jacket Elder's Stalker Shoes Elder's Nature Staff Elder's Deathgivers
Elder's Spear Elder's Double Bladed Staff
Elder's Glaive
Elder's Grailseeker
Elder's Great Nature Staff
Elder's Iron-clad Staff
Elder's Longbow
Elder's Mistpiercer
Elder's Pike
Elder's Quarterstaff
Elder's Rampant Staff
Elder's Soulscythe
Elder's Spirithunter
Elder's Staff of Balance
Elder's Trinity Spear
Elder's Wailing Bow
Elder's Warbow
Elder's Whispering Bow
Elder's Wild Staff

Additional Types of Buildings

Economy Farming Military Housing
Lumbermill Alchemist's Lab Hunter's Lodge Guild Hall
Repair Station Butcher Mage's Tower House
Smelter Cook Warrior's Forge
Stonemason Farm
Tanner Herb Garden
Toolmaker Kennel
Weaver Mill


T2 Hunterslodge
T3 Hunterslodge
T4 Hunterslodge
T5 Hunterslodge
T6 Hunterslodge
T7 Hunterslodge
T8 Hunterslodge

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Clicking on a player-built building on the cluster map (Hotkey: N) will now highlight all buildings of the same type within the cluster.
20 January 2020Queen UpdateAdditionally, the temporary changes to construction / demolition (to assist players moving buildings prior to the update) has ended. Constructing a building gives general Fame once again, and demolishing a building returns 90% of the original resources used to build it.
18 December 2019Percival Patch 12
  • From now until the launch of the Queen update, destroying a building gives back 100% of the resources used to create the building. This temporary change was put in place to help players move buildings out of the Outlands before they are automatically destroyed with the Queen launch.
  • During the same time period, Fame gained from upgrading buildings with resources is disabled to prevent Fame exploits.

Note that this change will be reverted to the regular rate of resource return for destroyed buildings (90%) and the usual Fame earned when Queen goes live.

28 November 2018Nimue Patch #1
  • Increased durability of player houses to prevent accidentally destroying a building by misclicking (buildings will be strengthened further in Patch 2, particularly the T8 Legendary House)
8 August 2018Merlyn Patch #1
  • Corrected Artifact item listing order in the Hunters' Lodge